Solar Panels Sligo

Solar Panels Sligo
On June 9, 2022

Elite Energies Solar Panels Solar Panels Sligo.

If you’ve searched solar panels Sligo or solar energy Sligo you’ve hit right page! Elite Energies supply & install nationwide.

We use only high-end products manufactured by world renowned manufacturers. Each of our products offer customers the most reliability and yields backed up by excellent guarantees.

Solar Panel Types

Solar panels Sligo

Many companies use numerous manufacturers and panel types, but carefully choosing the correct panel is of critical importance to you. Fundamentally, panels are either produced with a glass panel on the rear or a foil panel to the rear. We never use the latter!

Foil housed panels are extremely prone weather damage as they can twist and bend which damages the delicate solar cells inside.

Glass, on the other hand, is decidedly superior in necessary strength and simply does not age. This is exactly why we can generously offer 30 year guarantees on our panels. 

Learn more about the differences between foil and glass backed panels in one of our previous posts.

Solar Energy Sligo | Solarwatt Installations

Elite Energies Solar Panels Installation Sligo

We have a longstanding alliance with Solarwatt who are German & European manufacturing giants & are also affiliated to the BMW Group.

Solarwatt are leading manufacturers of premium glass glass solar pv panels which we use on all our raised installations. Unlike other panel manufacturers who guarantee for 10 years, ours come with an unrivaled 30 years guarantee plus 60 year design life..

Ground Mounted Solar Installations in Sligo.

Ground Mounted Solar Panels Sligo

Totally bespoke and unique, ground mounted installations generously offer the customer excellent yields and are particularly useful where roof space may be an issue. Ideal for people with larger land mass they naturally harness unlimited sunlight and continuous daylight from dawn to dusk.

Natural Slate Roof Sligo.

Natural looking solar panels Sligo

Natural Slate Roof & Seamless Solar Tiles

Natural Slate Roof & Seamles Solar Tiles

The Elite Energies Natural Slate Roof is a totally unique and patented design for installing slate and tiles.

The traditional use of timber battens is completely eliminated. The genuine beauty of this slate roofing system is that, at anytime, the slate can be removed in seconds and replaced with a solar panel tile which fits seamlessly into the roof line.

The glass panels have approximately four times the mechanical and thermal strength of ordinary glass of uniform thickness. They retain the normal properties of glass, including chemical resistance, hardness, expansion and deflection.

The Elite Power Roof properly approaches all of the above with many added benefits that have already ensured homes are ready for 21st century construction worldwide.

The Elite Fusion 2

Elite Energies Elite Fusion2

The Elite Fusion 2 solar energy package incorporates smart technology in a network of high end components which ultimately supplies you with 100% free electricity delivered from the solar power station on your rooftop.

Completed with the installation of smart electric heaters, it is an inverter driven photovoltaic and battery storage system which produces and enhances, then stores & redirects the energy captured for later use in your home.

Electric Car Charging
Electric Car Chargers

The Elite Energies home Zappi EV Wall charger, also available for commercial car charging, genuinely represents a modern one of a kind system that is remarkably user familiar, easy to comfortably install and is an attractive compact unit which is complete with an integrated overcharge protection.

The unit ensures brilliant defense against overloading. This undoubtedly means there is no absolutely zero need to worry about blown fuses while your electric car charging is naturally in full operation.

Elite Energies Solar Energy Sligo.

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