The Elite Fusion 2 Complete Solar Panels Package! Elite Energies

    The Elite Fusion 2 solar panels system combines everything you need to produce and store 100% free electricity from solar energy and redirect it around your home.

    • Generate Free Electricity
    • Store This Electricity
    • Heat Your Water
    • Heat Your Home
    • Use A Simple App
    • Get Digital Alerts
    • Charge Your Electric Vehicle


    The Elite Fusion 2

    This Solar Energy Installation Is Clean & Non Invasive Work.

    It usually completes in around 3 to 4 days. The net result is a lifetime of clean solar powered comfort with all the benefits of the extensive financial savings on energy and carbon taxes which naturally offsets against Solar Panel Cost.

    The Elite Fusion 2 - Elite Energies Solar Panels Ireland

    A Very Clever Solar Energy Investment!

    The Elite Fusion 2 solar energy package incorporates smart technology in a network of high end components which ultimately supplies you with 100% free electricity delivered from the solar power station on your rooftop.

    It is an inverter driven photovoltaic and battery storage system which produces and enhances, then stores & redirects the energy captured for later use in your home.


    The result is central heating and hot water with an additional option to charge your electric vehicle.

    So then, what exactly makes it tick?

    Solar Energy System
    Photovoltaic panels

    1] Solar Panels

    We only install high end glass on glass solar panel modules. Whether you choose Solarwattt or our Nulok seamless solar inserts you are guaranteed quality for 30 years!

    Elite Energies - Huawei Solar Power Banks

    2] Huawei Batteries

    For residential or commercial customers, this unparalleled solar panel & battery system seamlessly integrates with continuously advancing digital and internet technologies

    Elite Energies Solar Panels Ireland - Huawei Inverters

    3] Huawei Inverter

    With 100% range of both charge and output, solar power bank energy level optimisation is managed with maximum proficiency. Nothing gets wasted or sent back to the grid.

    Smart electric heaters

    4] Smart Electric Heaters

    We install high tech intelligent electric radiators. These are energy-saving and emission-free solutions for high levels of comfort, coziness, design, reliability and cost efficiency. They can be installed in almost any location due to the flexibility of the product and come wall mounted or on castors.

    Eddi diverter

    5] Eddi Diverter

    We supply and install the Eddi solar power diverter for free water and heating using excess energy from your solar PV system. This excess energy from the solar generation system is used to heat water or rooms rather than exporting it back to the grid at a loss at a loss to the consumer. 

    Elite Energies Ireland Solar Panel APP

    6] Smart APPS

     This Elite Fusion 2 is a next generation  system that  offers one of the best solar power bank monitoring APP systems available on the Irish market. You will have natural and total control over your inverter, batteries and optimisers with a lightening quick and simplistic set up. 

    Advanced Smart Electric Heaters Powered By The Elite Fusion 2!

    The technology used in these part storage heaters surpasses anything available on the Irish market today. 

    The combination electric radiators have been designed using the latest technology to create an elegant solution for all hard to heat situations; They can be installed in almost any location due to the flexibility of the product.

    12 To 15 Minutes Of Heating Means 45 Minutes Of Heat Retention!



    Smart Electric Heaters

    Using Electricity Generated By Your Solar Panels

    These advanced electric heaters have no difficulty achieving total room heating thanks to ‘fin design technology’ which boasts the ability to deliver 6 times the surface area of other heaters of the same size.

    Amazon Alexa Can Help To Control Your Heaters

    The unique DSM electric combination radiators have in-built WI-FI capability that can be activated using the optional DSM gateway. They are the first electric radiators of their type that can be controlled via a bespoke app control system.

    An Automatic Power Controller For The Elite Fusion 2!

    Fundamentally, Eddi is an energy management unit that works in conjunction with renewable energy systems like Elite Energies solar panels. It functions by distributing energy that has been produced from your PV panels towards heating rooms or water in your home. Because this energy is being redirected around your home means it is not being  lost to the grid.




    Elite Energies Eddi diverter system

    Smart Technology!

    The Eddi controller is a very clever piece of technology that enables you to consume every last bit of the precious green energy you have created from The Elite Fusion2.

    Put simply, it diverts power to your hot water system. This energy, which is of course free electricity your PV panels have generated, would otherwise be lost and sent back out to the grid.

    All this redirected surplus power has been proven to make very significant savings to the average householders annual energy bill.

    Charge Your EV With Your PV!

    The solar car battery charger offers both standard EV charging plus the capability to charge from 100% FREE energy generated from our solar panels.

    Elite Energies electric vehicle charger

    A word from Brian Morrissey, an Elite Fusion 2 customer.

    Many thanks to James and Graham from Elite Energies for providing us with a great product and an equally great service. Seamless installation of the 20 solar PV panels on our workshop roof. Clever convenient location of the batteries and inverter which makes it easy to access.

    We also had 18 smart radiators installed in the house. Graham set us up with the app which let’s us control the heating where we want it and most importantly when we want it. We can boost or reduce the heat needed from anywhere. The radiators also look really modern.

    Our installation was carried out early December. Even with such short days there’s a good return from the panels. Any excess power is diverted to our immersion via the I-boost to give up hot water. All relevant information has been uploaded,as promised,to the SEAI Claims Portal.

    Thanks again to Elite Energies. It was a great experience having you both here in the Comeraghs.

    Solar Panel Cost

    Solar Panels Ireland – HQ

    In many cases we are able to provide on-line and over the phone no obligation quotes using our calculator.

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