Totally Bespoke Ground Mounted Solar Panels.

    Embrace the power of transformation and save money on your energy bills.

    Our bespoke ground mounted solar panels are far superior to stilt mounted solar racking systems and particularly where roof space may be an issue.

    Learn precisely why we are at top of our industry when it comes to ground solar panel installations.

    Our top-tier ground mount glass-on-glass photovoltaic panels can assist you in reducing your electricity expenses.

    Homeowners can offset the cost of solar panels for homes using solar PV Ireland grants with Elite Energies Solar Panels Ireland.

    mounted solar racking

    Introduction ……….

    Solar Panels On The Ground Are Positioned To Maximise Sun & Daylight Exposure, Optimising Energy Production.

    Save Electricity. Save Carbon. Save Money.

    Custom Engineering.

    Custom-engineered solar panel mounting structures are tailor-made to specific site requirements, ensuring maximum energy capture, structural integrity, and aesthetic compatibility.

    These structures are designed to withstand wind, snow, and other environmental factors, ensuring long-lasting performance.

    Listed and heritage buildings or merely modest rooftops with old or poor tiles can present significant problems when it comes to solar panel installations.

    In such cases a ground mount solar system could be the ideal solution where land space is adequate.


    Nationwide Ground Level Solar Panels

    Whether its a ground solar array in Mayo or Wicklow, our strategically located head office provides us with convenient access to solar panel installations throughout Ireland, ensuring quick and efficient service.




    Ground mounted solar panels installation

    Our Premium Solar Panels Installed on the Ground Are The Strongest PV Modules On The Irish Market!

    Double Sided Glass Panels, Nothing Else Will Do!

    Pictured in the ground mount solar installation below are our go-to glass on glass solar panels.

    Elite Energies is steadfast in its commitment to using these photovoltaic panels. The key difference with glass on glass panels is that the delicate cells are sandwiched between two layers of tempered glass.


    ground mount solar system

    We deliberately avoid single-sided glass solar panels. We opt for double-sided every time!

    This design provides two key advantages:

    Enhanced durability:

    The two layers of glass protect the cells from harsh weather conditions, such as wind, rain, and snow. This means that our glass on glass solar panels can withstand a lifetime of outdoor use.

    Improved efficiency:

    The two layers of glass help to reflect heat away from the cells, which allows them to operate at a more efficient temperature. This means that our glass on glass solar panels can generate more electricity for your home or business.

    Learn more in our blog post: What are the best solar panels


    ground installed solar panels

    A Knuckled Down Ground Mount Solar Array

    Modern construction skills

    We are definitely not your typical Solar Energy Company and have zero fear when it comes to getting our hands dirty.

    As previously mentioned we have an in-depth know how when it comes to bespoke construction in its most rawest form of sand cement and mortar!

    Correctly, this is a huge plus in practical terms of ground mounted solar structure design.


    Our Company Boasts A Team Of Highly Skilled Electrical Engineers And Experienced Builders.

    With a combined four decades of expertise in the construction and renewable energy sectors this considerable expertise is often fundamental to complex problem solving.

    The operational effectiveness with which we carry out slight and large-scale projects is simply second to none. Regardless of the project’s size, we maintain unwavering focus on operational excellence throughout the project lifecycle.

    Our meticulous planning, skilled installation, and support services ensure that our ground-mounted solar systems deliver maximum energy production and long-term performance for homeowners and businesses alike.



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