Elite Energies Ground Mounted Solar Panels.

Our bespoke ground mounted solar panels are far superior to stilt mounted solar racking and particularly where roof space & tile quality may be a key issue.

Learn precisely why we are not only at the top of our modern industry when it comes to installing just rooftop solar panels.


mounted solar racking

Bespoke Solar Panels

Frequently, traditionally listed and heritage buildings or merely modest rooftops with old or poor tiles can present significant problems when it comes to solar panel installations. In such specific cases a ground mount solar system could efficiently be the ideal solution where land space is adequate.

ground mount solar system

Premium Ground Mounted Solar Panels.

Pictured in this ground mount solar installation are our go to Solarwatt glass on glass solar panels.

Elite Energies remain steadfastly and genuinely committed to the extensive use of our German partners Solarwatt and their photovoltaic panels.

What is fundamentally important to understand about this panel design is that the extremely delicate solar cells inside are protected by a glass lair on the front and back. Each of these 2 millimeter thick panes is bonded together by lamination naturally forcing them to become water and airtight. See the differences between glass glass & glass foil panels for more info.


A Ground Mounted Solar Structure

Offers a lot more to the modern consumer including a larger area of panels maximising daylight and renewable energy from the sun with increased yields.



Bespoke solar panels
ground mount solar design

Professional & Bespoke Ground Based Solar Panels

First and foremost, in all key aspects, Elite Energies are fully certified and adept professionals. We invariably possess extensive knowledge based and practical execution skills regarding hydro/wind, heat pump, micro and solar PV generation.

A Knuckled Down Ground Mount Solar Array

Modern construction skills

We are definitely not your typical so to speak in and out Solar Energy Company. We more than certainly have no fear when it comes to getting our hands dirty.

As previously mentioned, naturally, we invariably have in-depth know how when it comes to bespoke construction in its most rawest form of sand cement and mortar!

Correctly, this is a huge plus in practical terms of ground mounted solar structure design.


ground installed solar panels
ground installed solar panels

Our established company are properly qualified electrical engineers and modern builders with almost 4 successful decades of extensive experience in the construction industry and renewable energy sector combined.

This considerable expertise is often fundamental to complex problem solving. The operational effectiveness with which we carry out slight and large-scale projects is simply second to none.


Tams Grants

Famrers Solar Panels & TAMS Grants.

(TAMS) The Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme is available to you and offers grant assistance for certain farm capital investments. With grant aid of up to 40% towards productive investments of certain types the comprehensive scheme also offers up to 60% for younger farmers.


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