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    Our solar panel cost calculator provides you with a direct quotation via email or phone. Calculate pv solar panels prices by filling out the survey form below.


    PV solar panels prices

    Before You Proceed With Your Solar Panel Quote

    The questions on the form below are straight forward. It is very interactive, easy to fill out and, it takes just a minute to complete.

    So before you go ahead with your solar panel quote lets give you a little heads up first. Some of the questions are regarding:


    • Plumbing type
    • If walls & attic are insulated
    • Structure (block, timber etc)
    • Your roof type (tiles, slate etc)
    • How many radiators you have
    • How home & water is heated
    • The type of fuse box you have
    • Your Eircode (find it here)
    PV solar panels prices

    It’s Also Worth Mentioning

    There is no requirement on you to use our solar calculator. If you would prefer a personal call to your home in order to have a full solar panel cost evaluation, we will go to you.

    We travel nationwide to provide no obligation surveys, quotes and solar panel prices to our customers.

    Travelling on Friday’s & Saturdays is not a problem for us.

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