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    We are a well-established Solar PV company that specialises in providing and installing premium Eurener glass-glass panels for both residential homeowners and businesses across Ireland.

    With extensive industry knowledge and a track record of successfully completing hundreds of Solar PV installations, we take pride in delivering satisfaction to our customers.

    Our commitment and dedication set us apart. Both our management and employees are passionate about what we do each day. Thanks to the foresight and environmental responsibility demonstrated by our remarkable customers, we are actively contributing to the global climate change effort.

    Annually, we contribute gigawatts of completely free, clean, and zero-emission power to the national grids.

    The cumulative impact of this significant environmental benefit, which continues to grow exponentially, is the driving force behind our mission.




    Solar Power

    With over 35 successful years in various divisions of the construction industry, James possesses essential qualifications and a proven track record in solving complex problems. His innate ability to manage people and projects has contributed to the flawless execution of small and large-scale projects nationwide, leading to Elite Energies’ remarkable year-on-year growth.
    As one of the founding members of the Micro Renewable Energy Federation (MREF), James actively collaborates with like-minded professionals to introduce micro renewables to the Irish market. His efforts extend to agricultural, industrial, and domestic sectors, ensuring that all segments of the market benefit from energy reductions, and significant carbon savings.

    James Gorahm

    Managing Director

    Over the course of an extensive professional journey marked by notable achievements in business development and operations management across diverse Irish enterprises, Graham has cultivated a wealth of expertise. His proficiency lies particularly in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, where he excels in the intricate design and management of sophisticated systems tailored to meet the specific needs of the financial and insurance sectors.

    Graham’s proven track record extends to adeptly navigating account management and driving sales growth. His strategic acumen and experience have positioned him as an effective leader in optimising business processes and enhancing operational efficiency.
    Graham has distinguished himself as an authority in the renewable energy sector, showcasing an unparalleled depth of product knowledge. His technical skill set is highly accomplished, allowing him to navigate and innovate within the ever-evolving landscape of renewable energy technologies.
    In summary, Graham’s multifaceted career has not only equipped him with a robust skill set in ERP, business development, and operations management but has also established him as a seasoned professional with a keen focus on driving success in the renewable energy sector.

    Graham Williamson

    Operations Director

    Premium Solar Panel Manufacturers.

    From the get-go Elite Energies decided to supply and install only the best solar panels available on the market. After extensive research and visits to several European manufacturing facilities we became convinced that the glass-glass panel range manufactured by Spanish giants Eurener was the best option for our customers.


    Why This Matters To You In Terms Of Solar Power




    Eurener solar power manufacturing is world renowned. There are simply no comparisons.



    Actionable and real with no quibble part replacement if necessary, even if the issue was customer caused.



    Solar panel electricity guarantees are vastly superior to those offered by other manufacturers.


    Support & Monitoring

    Easy to use apps to manage your solar system and first class back up from superb technical support.

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