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Up To €3000 Available Now

Offset Solar Panel Cost With Solar PV Ireland Grants. Premium PV Panels Available To Irish Homeowners. Elite Energies Solar Panels Ireland!

The Irish government are proactively addressing installation costs through the provision of a solar electricity grant of up to €3000.00. If your home was built before 2011, these lucrative cash grants could very well be available to you. The Irish PV industry is growing exponentially and is becoming the go-to energy solution in the race to reduce carbon emissions.

Elite Energies can offer you assistance at every step of the way with your solar electricity grant application.



Installers Of The Elite Fusion 2 Renewable Solar Electricity Home.

Congratulations! Your search for solar panels Ireland is about to show you why Elite Energies are one of the nation’s leading experts when it comes to the supply and installation of powerful glass on glass solar panels and their related solar energy components.

We are here to help

When homeowners proceed to submit online SEAI grant applications, we have discovered that some people find this process challenging.

For Elite Energies this is a straightforward procedure which we can guide you through and ultimately reduce your solar panel cost.

Elite Solar PV Ireland –We Empower The Homeowner To:

Solar Pv Ireland, solar panel cost
  • Generate Electricity: your own free domestic supply 
  • Store Electricity:  for night time use with state-of-the-art Solarwatt batteries
  • Heat Water: from free electricity using an existing immersion heater
  • Charge Electric Cars: or hybrid vehicles with the Zappi EV charger
  • Heat Homes: with high efficiency smart electric radiators
  • Use Simple Apps: to control and monitor energy consumption
  • Get Digital Alerts: ensuring peak operating efficiency at all times

The Pros Far Outweigh The Cons

  • Solar Panel Cost – Cost is justified against savings on your energy  bills
  • Renewable Energy Source –they use energy from direct sunlight & daylight
  • Energy Benefits – Potential to sell the electricity you produce in surplus back to the grid
  • Carbon Footprint – Low emissions  mean you will cut back on your carbon footprint
  • Easy Replacement – If you have a conventional heating system, it is easy to switch 
  • Long Life Span – They are guaranteed up to 30 years with a 60 year lifespan
  • Property Value – They can increase the value of your property & improve your BER rating
  • Noise Pollution – The system is quiet and does not make any noise

When It Comes PV Solar Panels Ireland, We’ve Got The Nation Covered!

To find out exactly the benefits to you of our product range, book a no obligation survey and presentation.

We come to you (evenings and Saturdays are no problem). We’ll spend around two hours with you and provide you with a full proposition and quotation.

Elite Energies Nationwide Coverage!

solar pv  ireland


Electrical output from these is guaranteed for 30 years & a service life of 50 years

Solarwatt My Reserve Solar Battery Storage


Stores all unused daytime electricity delivering it to your home at night. 100% own consumption!

Fronius inverters for use with solar energy


With power categories ranging from 3.0 to 20.0 kW, Fronius Inverters are for every system size

The Elite Fusion 2 Electric Rdaiator


Intelligent heaters powered by 100% free electricity from on your roof top

Solarwatt My Reserve Solar Power Monitoring APP


Monitor operating data of your solarwatt myreserve using simple apps to manage your solar system

Zappi Electric Car Charger


Charge your hybrid or electric car using 100% free energy generated from your pv solar panels

The Complete Pv Solar Panels Package

Provided your home was constructed pre 2011, you will qualify for the SEAI PV Solar Panels Pilot Scheme grant which can be up to €3000 towards the cost of solar panels in Ireland.

Other than arranging a BER Certificate after installation, Elite Energies handles all the grant application support administration for you.

This is a simple on-line application and we will guide you through the process.



PV Solar Panels

Licensed & Insured

Our Elite Team are reliable & competent professionals who carry out their work diligently and expertly with minimum disruption to the homeowner.

Elite Energies Solar Panels Ireland Quick Installations

3 To 4 Day Installation

The process of installing the Elit Fusion 2 pv panels is very clean non invasive work. It usually completes in around 3 to 4 days.

As one of Ireland’s experts, we offer full no mess and no fuss solar service.

PV Panels

high end equipment

The Elite Fusion 2 incorporates a network of high end components manufactured by world leading industry giants like Solarwatt Germany.

With products far superior to those of Asian manufacturers Solarwatt products are simply unrivalled. 

Solar Panels Ireland
Solar PV Ireland - Team Elite Energies - Industry Experts

When we set up our business we wanted the people who are behind our company to be as important as the company itself.The Elite Energies team are fully trained professionals. We have travelled the length and breadth of the Nation installing high end PV Solar Panels in Ireland.

View our work here & get in touch to discuss offsetting your Solar Panel Cost against PV Solar Panels Grants.

TAMS 2 - Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme

Elite Energies are proud to bring our expertise to the Irish Farming Community.

Get grants for your farm by upgrading your energy. TAMS II grants are available for installing pv solar panels.

Elite Energies will install panels that will last for over 60 years and are designed especially for farm conditions.

Let’s Get Together & Talk PV Panels.

Get Started With The Elite Fusion 2

To discover the exact benefits of our pv solar panels product range, why not book a no obligation survey and presentation. 

We travel nationwade (evenings and Saturdays are no problem) We’ll spend around two hours with you and provide you with a full solar panel cost proposition and quotation.


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