We are currently assisting many established businesses securing their energy independence.

As examples:

A hotel in Co. Donegal and a food production facility in Co. Clare are both committed to sustainable green energy. Notwithstanding energy prices only spiraling upwards, at current prices as of – 23/08/2022, each will reap an amazingly short return as set out below:

INVESTMENT – €200,000.00 +





Solar Panels Ireland 2022 Elite Energies PV Panels

Our premium Solarwatt glass on glass PV panels save you money on electricity bills. Homeowners can offset solar panel cost using solar pv Ireland grants with Elite Energies Solar Panels Ireland.

Solar Panels Ireland

Your Journey Into Solar Power & PV Panels Starts Right Here.

Our team of expert professionals will assist you at every step of the way. From beginning to end you can expect your pv solar panels installation to proceed in the following way :

1] Register Your Interest

Letting us know you are interested is simple. You can do so by contacting us or perhaps you would like to use our solar pv Ireland calculator below.

2] Assess Your Suitability

Having first registered your interest we then contact you to chat about your overall suitability plus your grants for solar panels Ireland eligibility.

3] No Obligation Call Out

If we can’t offer a quote online we will travel nationwide (evenings & Saturdays also) to provide no obligation solar panel cost proposal.

4] Specification Survey

The next step is a technical specification survey to ensure there are zero hitches when the time comes for the installation of your pv panels.

5] PV Solar Panels Installation

Our expert team are photovoltaic panels professionals. Your solar power installation process is clean and non invasive work.

6] Your Solar Adventures End

Enjoy a lifetime of clean solar power comfort with all the benefits of the financial savings on energy which naturally offsets against solar panel cost.

Solar Energy Ireland – Now, For Something Very Exciting!

The Elite Fusion 2

The Complete Home PV Solar Panels Package Is Here!

Smart. Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

Seai Grants For Solar Panels Ireland – €3000 Currently Available.

PV Panels
PV Solar Panels

The Elite Fusion-2

A PV Panels System That Empowers Homeowners To


  • Generate Free Electricity
  • Store This Electricity
  • Heat Your Water
  • Heat Your Home
  • Use A Simple App
  • Get Digital Alerts
  • Charge Your Electric Vehicle
Solar PV Ireland

Elite Energies Solar PV Ireland – Hundreds Of Nationwide Solar Power Installations!

Solar Panel Cost & How PV Solar Panels Save You Money!

Installing our PV panels will guarantee a supply of clean and renewable green energy gathered from harnessing daylight and sunlight which are of course, totally free and naturally occurring resources.

Solar panel cost is paid back very quickly because renewable energy costs nothing to generate, thus saving you money and with Seaí Solar Panel Grants Ireland availability, there has never been a better time to invest in photovoltaic panels &  solar power products in Ireland.



Solar Panel Cost

Solar Panels Ireland – HQ

In many cases we are able to provide on-line and over the phone no obligation quotes using our photovoltaic panels & solar power calculator.

Solar Panels Ireland – FAQ

Some of our frequently asked questions answered for you. 

Do solar panels work in Ireland?

We would like to dispel the myth that they dont. Our Solarwatt glass on glass pv solar panels not only work perfectly well in the Irish climate, they have a 60 year design life and are guaranteed for 30 years! 

It is a known fact that the sun’s rays, even through cloud cover, convey more energy to our planet in just one hour than is used globally in one year. It makes perfect sense that we should harness this renewable energy through solar power and at every possible opportunity.

Are solar panels worth it in Ireland?

Absolutely. As we have mentioned already, our photovoltaic panels come with super warranties and guarantees. Your investment in solar energy means you will see speedy payback with absolutely no operating costs. Over the course of their lifespan, you will have saved exponentially on your energy bills. In this context alone, they are the most affordable form of renewable energy available in Ireland today.

How much do solar panels cost in Ireland?

When it comes to solar panel cost there are many factors to consider such as the orientation of your roof, your area & energy consumption. The design of your system depends on whether you are planning to drastically change this (by installing high efficiency electrical heating, air source or geothermal heat pump or buying an electric car for example).

How effective are solar panels in Ireland?

Effectiveness is measured in many ways starting with solar panel price which is justified against savings on your energy bills. From a renewable energy standpoint, your panels harness sunlight and daylight which of course, is totally free. With the potential to sell surplus electricity back to the grid and at the same time reducing carbon emissions, your homes BER rating is also systematically improved. PV solar panels are quiet and do not make any noise plus, if you have a conventional heating system, it is easy to switch. Now, thats pretty effective!

Do you need planning permission for solar panels in Ireland?

Generally speaking, where a structure is not one of a protected category, planning permission is not required if the solar energy system takes up less than half the roof space or less than 12 square meters.

The Elite NuLok Power Roof

The Elite Nulok Power Roof is an extremely simple method of integrating natural slate roofing or ceramic tiles seamlessly, with or without, solar panel inserts.

SAEI - Grants for solar panels Ireland

The Irish government is proactively addressing installation costs through the provision of a solar panel grant of up to €3000.00. 

Elite Solar Energy Ireland

When it comes to guarantees, the solar energy Ireland industry standard is generally around 10 years. Elite Energies confidently stand over our 30 year photovoltaic panels guarantee

 grants for solar panels Ireland
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