Highest Efficiency Solar Panels in Ireland – 2024.

    Elite Energies PV Panels. Unleash The Power Of Change & Save On Your Energy Bills.

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    Our premium glass-on-glass PV panels help you save money on your electricity bills.

    Homeowners can offset the cost of solar panels for homes using solar PV Ireland grants with Elite Energies Solar Panels Ireland.

    Solar panels Ireland

    Drawing on a cumulative experience of forty years in the construction and renewable energy fields, Elite Energies is one of Ireland’s most established solar panel installation providers.

    Our Role

    We are delighted to play a crucial part in this environmental revolution, aligning our mission with the country’s ambitious objective of eradicating harmful carbon emissions by 2050.

    Our Mission

    Yearly, we enable homeowners and businesses to harness gigawatts of entirely free, clean, and emission-free energy. The ongoing cumulative effect of this substantial environmental boon fuels our unwavering commitment to our mission.

    Your Journey Into Solar Power & Free Electricity Starts Right Here.

    Our team of professional solar panel installers will assist you at every step of your PV panels journey. From beginning to end you can expect your solar installation to proceed in the following way :

    Nationwide ……….

    PV Installations.

    From Solar Panels in Donegal to Solar Panels in Kerry! Regardless of your location, we are a solar company near you.

    Our centrally situated head office strategically places us for quick and efficient access to solar panel installations throughout Ireland.

    Solar Panel Suppliers Ireland

    Your Journey Into Solar Power & Free Electricity Starts Right Here.

    Our team of professional solar panel installers will assist you at every step of your PV panels journey. From beginning to end you can expect your solar installation to proceed in the following way :

    Register Your Interest

    Conveying your interest is effortless. You can do so by contacting us or perhaps you’d prefer utilising our solar PV calculator provided below.

    Assess Your Suitability

    Once you have registered your interest, our solar energy specialists will contact you to discuss your general suitability and your eligibility for solar panel grants in Ireland.

    No Obligation Visit

    If we are unable to provide an online quote, we will travel the country (evenings and Saturdays included) to provide a no obligation solar panel cost proposal.

    Specification Survey

    The next step involves a comprehensive technical specification survey to guarantee a seamless installation of your photovoltaic (PV) panels without any unforeseen obstacles.

    PV Solar Panels Installation

    Our expert team of photovoltaic panels professionals will help you to install your solar power system seamlessly. Our clean and non-invasive installation process will not damage your roof or property.

    Your System Is Commissioned

    Generate your own electricity. Enjoy a lifetime of clean solar power comfort with all the benefits of the financial saving on energy, which naturally balances out the cost of solar panels.

    Our Warranties

    30 Years! The Best Solar Warranty Currently Available To Irish Customers.

    The industry standard is 12 to 25 years.

    As a reputable solar installation company, we deliver cutting-edge, high-efficiency solar panels for homes and businesses.

    For nationwide PV installations request a free quote today.


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    Choosing The Right Solar Panel Suppliers For You.

    Beware of companies offering inferior single glass solar panels with limited warranties! We supply & install the highest rated solar panels available in Ireland.

    Generate Your Own Electricity

    Two Glass Panes. Solar powered free electricity with double the strength panels 

    The most efficient solar panels currently accessible in the Irish market!


    Solar powered free electricity

    Other solar panel companies may opt to install single-glass panels,

    we consistently refrain from doing so.

    This really is a very big deal for our customers.

    Why? In a single word, supremacy!

    Opting for toughened and tempered glass on both the front and rear sides, as opposed to having glass on just one side of a panel, holds immense importance.


    Glass is resilient and impervious to ageing making it ideal for solar panels for homes & businesses.

    It remains timeless, exhibiting no signs of aging throughout its existence. Not a single incident of glass decomposition has ever been recorded, even after millennia.

    Now, envision the advantages of incorporating two panes in your solar panel and not one!

    This is a significant consideration, especially when numerous companies are fitting customers with single glass panels.


    This factor is a key contributor to our distinction as one of the leading solar panel providers in the nation.


    The Elite Fusion 2. Our Complete Home PV Solar Panels Package!

    Save Electricity. Save Carbon. Save Money. Elite Energies Solar Panel Suppliers Ireland.

    The Elite Fusion 2
    PV Panels Installations

    An all-in-one solar energy solution.

    This all-encompassing solar-powered system enables you to effectively generate your own free electricity while storing it for future use.

    The Elite Fusion 2  provides solar panels for electricity and the means to heat water and your home using smart electric radiators, as well as operates cutting-edge remote phone applications and offers excellent options for recharging electric vehicles.


    PV Panels

    This complete solar panels package empowers homeowners!

    • Generate free electricity
    • Store this electricity
    • Heating water with solar panels
    • Heat the home (smart rads)
    • Use a simple app
    • EV charging (optional)

    Totally Bespoke

    Highly Efficient Ground Mounted Solar Panel Systems. Generate Your Own Electricity On The Ground.

    ground solar panels for home

    Built From The Ground Up

    We have extensive expertise in the specialised field of custom construction, particularly in the fundamental elements of sand, cement, and mortar. This proficiency proves highly advantageous when it comes to the practical aspects of designing ground-mounted solar structures.

    Ground mounted solar panels installation

    Tailored for both functionality and aesthetics. Our ground-mounted solar panels excel beyond traditional stilt-mounted solar racking systems.


    This is particularly advantageous in scenarios where buildings are listed or where limited roof space is a key consideration.

    Our bespoke ground-mounted solar structures offer numerous benefits for modern consumers, including an increased panel area that enhances the absorption of renewable energy from sunlight and daylight.

    As a result, this naturally translates to higher energy yields.

    Solar panels on the ground
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