Solar PV. Are You Ready For Photovoltaic Panels?

    Tap into the Transformative Power of Elite Energies & Eurener PV Panels!

    Elite Energies are industry leaders in the Irish solar PV market. So it should come as no surprise to learn that we supply and install premium solar photovoltaic panels from world industry leaders Eurener.


    Our high-quality glass-on-glass PV panels enable cost savings on your electricity expenses.


    Solar PV

    Introducing ……….

    Eurener, Photovoltaic Solar Energy. Manufacturing a Better World Since 1997.

    Save Electricity. Save Carbon. Save Money.

    Due Diligence.

    When selecting the solar panel brand for our PV installations, it’s crucial for us to consider the financial stability of the manufacturer.

    With over 25 years of experience in the market, Eurener provides confidence, assurance, and reliability for ours and your solar projects.

    Partnering with top-tier banking entities rated Triple A and supported by leading insurance companies, Eurener ensures total security.

    Established in 1997 at the European Centre of Innovating Companies, Eurener boasts over 15 years of expertise, positioning itself as a trailblazer in the European solar energy industry.

    With a strong presence in sales, commercial network, production capacity, significance, and the execution of numerous installations, Eurener stands as a prominent player in its sector.



    Nationwide PV Installations

    Voted Top Brand Solar PV In Multiple Countries.

    As part of the Eurener Group, the company operates factories in Spain and Portugal, with sales representation extending across various European and Latin American countries.

    Eurener specialises in manufacturing solar photovoltaic modules, actively engaging in the development of projects that integrate solar energy.


    Learn How An Elite Energies Solar PV Installation Works In Your Home.

    How solar pv works

    Free Electricity From Photovoltaic Solar Panels. Smart!

    When we consider financial savings to be had producing & storing free electricity, while also playing a role in the reduction of carbon emissions, installing PV panel products in your home makes perfect sense.

    Elite Energies Solar Panels

    Solar PV Panels

    PV panels function by absorbing daylight and using it to create free electricity. Currents created by all of the panels combined adds up to enough electricity to help power your school, home or business.

    Elite Energies Huawei Solar Inverters

    Power inverter

    The raw energy that is generated from the panels is referred to as DC or direct current. The inverter converts DC into AC electricity (alternating current) for storage and use around your home.

    Fuse box

    Distribution Board

    Your solar panel system is connected directly to your homes distribution (fuse board). Simply put, this is a control panel center for the entire electrical system of the home or business.

    Safety Shunt Switch

    System Shunt

    The shunt is basically a cut off device and operates as a safety mechanism that allows your electricity supply to be switched off in the event of any emergencies in your home.

    Elite Energies Huawei Solar Batteries

    Battery Storage

    Highly advanced batteries retain the free electricity sent from your power Inverter. Here it is stored for later use. This eliminates renewable electricity from being exported back to the grid.

    Elite Energies Solar Power Remote Control Access


    The Fusion Solar app provides you with real time information and historical data allowing you to understand your generation from your panels and how it is used in your building.

    Elite Energies Zappi EV Charger

    EV Chargers

    Charging your electric vehicle is optional with each solar panel installation. With grant availability of €600, there has never been a better time to invest in EV charging solutions.

    Solar PV Panels Ireland – SOME FAQ’S

    How does solar PV work?

    Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels generate electricity by absorbing daylight and using that light energy to create an electrical current. There are many PV panels within an installation, and the current created by all of the panels together adds up to enough electricity to help power your school, home or business.

    Does Solar PV just heat water?

    No! Early solar panels were thermal and just made hot water. Modern PV panels generate electricity for your home or business. They do however heat water by sending surplus or excess electricity to your immersion heater.

    How long does a solar panel last?

    Various manufacturers offer distinct warranty terms. Nevertheless, we consistently strive to raise awareness regarding the potential risks associated with limited warranties, particularly in the case of single glass solar panels. Our glass-glass panels come with both a performance and product guarantee lasting 30 years, and they boast a useful design life extending to 60 years.

    What size Solar PV system do I need?

    This is largely determined by your electricity bills. We will analyse these with you and that is the base line we use to design your system. You are billed in kilowatt hours and Solar PV systems are rated in kilowatt hours so the calculations are relatively straightforward.

    What are photovoltaic panels made of?

    Photovoltaic panels are made using rows of individual solar cells. These cells can be comprised of crystalline silicon, polysilicon and monocrystalline silicon.

    Do I need a battery?

    In almost all installations a battery will greatly enhance the performance of your system. Unless it is a business with a steady daytime consumption which will use ALL the electricity generated by the panels, there will be what is termed ‘export’. This means that your electricity is fed into the grid and while it is possible to get paid for this, the feed-in tariffs are always much lower than the tariff you pay. Also, you are ‘export limited’ to a very small amount of electricity that you are allowed to export. Therefore, it makes sense to store all your own excess electricity and use it at night.

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