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Elite Energies are industry leaders in the Irish solar PV market. We supply and install premium Solarwatt & natural slate and solar tile photovoltaic panels nationwide.

Solar PV
PV Solar

Free Electricity From Photovoltaic Solar Panels. Smart!

When we consider financial savings to be had producing & storing free electricity, while also playing a role in the reduction of carbon emissions, installing PV panel products in your home makes perfect sense.

Solar PV

Our Solar PV Products

Generate Free Electricity – Store Free Electricity – Heat Your Water – Heat Your Home – Are Remote Control – Charge Electric Cars

Photovoltaic Panels

Solar Panels

Smart Electric Heaters

Smart Heaters

Solar Battery Storage

Battery Storage

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Solar Power Inverter

Power Inverters

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Get Your Hot Water From Stored Free Electricity!


The Elite Fusion 2

Elite Energies Photovoltaic Panels

Get access to the most abundant, reliable & least expensive power source on the planet!

Photovoltaic Panels
Solar PV

Premium Solar PV

The go to product for free electricity production.

We have a longstanding alliance with Solarwatt who are German & European manufacturing giants & are also affiliated to the BMW Group. Solarwatt are manufacturers of premium glass glass solar pv panels which we use on all our raised installations. Unlike other panel manufacturers who guarantee for 10 years, ours come with an unrivaled 30 years guarantee plus 60 year design life.

Solarwatt Solar panels

And now: Learn how solar pv works in your home.

Whether you choose our Solarwatt panels or our natural slate roofing solar inserts, fundamentally, the key components and installation process will be the same.

How solar pv works
Photovoltaic panels

1] Solar PV Panels

Your Elite Energies solar panels gather energy not only directly from the sun but also by harnessing daylight, even through cloud cover. From here the energy is then sent to the inverter.

Solar Power Inverters

2] Power Inverter

The raw energy that is generated from the panels is referred to as DC or direct current. The inverter converts DC into AC electricity for storage and use around your home.

Domestic electric fuse box

3] Fuse Box

Your Elite Energies solar panel system is connected directly to your homes fuse box. Simply put, this is a control panel center for the entire electrical system of the house.

Solar battery storage system

5] Batteries

Premium solarwatt batteries now retain your free AC electricity sent from the Fronius Inverter. Here it is stored for later use around your home whenever you need it.

Safety shunt

2] System Shunt

The shunt is basically a cut off device and operates as a safety mechanism that allows your electricity supply to be switched off in the event of any emergencies in your home.

Online solar panel cost calculator

Elite Solar Calculator

In some cases we are able to provide quotes directly to our customers via our on line solar panels calculator. Go ahead and fill out the form and we will get back to you.

Solar PV Panels Ireland – FAQ

How does a solar PV cell work?

When light particles are forced to collide with atoms inside PV cells, the result is the generation of an electricity stream. Our Solarwatt glass on glass panels are made up of many individual PV or photovoltaic solar cells. The panel works by gathering both sunlight and daylight energy – and then turning it into electricity as set out above.

What is the meaning of solar PV?

PV stands for photovoltaic. Simply put, this is a panel module designed to harness energy from the sun through photovoltaics and turn it into DC (direct current) electricity which is then converted to AC (alternating current) electricity and stored in solar batteries for later use around the home.

How long does a solar panel last?

Different manufacturers provide different warranties. Our solar panels are manufactured by Solarwatt who are German makers with an affiliation to the BMW Group. Their solar panels are guaranteed for 30 years with a design life of 60 years! 

What size solar PV do I need?

There are many factors to consider such as your area of residence & general energy consumption. The orientation of your roof and other technical considerations and options you want to prioritise need to be considered also. Therefore, it is essential to carry out a full fact find with you before we give you a proposal or a quotation which, in all circumstances will be accurate and tailored exactly to your needs. We do not do ‘ballpark’ estimates.

What are photovoltaic panels made of?

Photovoltaic panels are made using rows of individual solar cells. These cells can be comprised of crystalline silicon, polysilicon and monocrystalline silicon.

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