The Differences Between Glass Glass & Glass – Foil Panels.

    Choosing Your Solar Panels Wisely.

    Choosing the right solar panel installer is very important but how much thought would you give to choosing the right panel manufacturer? At Elite Energies Solar Panels Ireland we are committed to delivering high end products to our customers.

    Environmental Pressures

    Choose solar panels wisely



    When confronted with the various weather elements that solar panels must endure, older glass foil modules exhibited several vulnerabilities. One significant issue was their susceptibility to moisture seeping through the foil backing, leading to reduced power outputs. Additionally, these panels were prone to bending and twisting during extreme weather events, causing the delicate solar cells to break and malfunction.

    Although it is worth acknowledging that glass foil modules have improved considerably since their early versions, they still lack the durability provided by glass on glass panels.


    Glass on Glass Modules

    Glass on glass modules, as the name implies, consist of solar cells placed between two glass panel sheets. This design ensures that the panel remains stable and does not twist or bend significantly when exposed to moderate to severe environmental conditions.

    Beyond their mechanical robustness, these panels offer enhanced protection compared to glass foil panels. They exhibit greater resistance to moisture infiltration and are less susceptible to the harmful effects of chemicals like ammonia and sea salt spray.



    Reputation Reputation Reputation

    At Elite Energies Solar Panels Ireland, we exclusively install glass-glass modules sourced from renowned manufacturers and suppliers, such as Eurener Spain. Their stellar reputation in the solar industry speaks for itself, reflecting their commitment to exceptional quality standards, extensive research and development, and excellence at every stage of solar panel production.

    Additionally, we have partnered with Nulok to deliver you the best-in-class solar solutions such as their natural slate roofing with seamless solar glass on glass tiles integration.

    As mentioned in a previous post, we prioritise conducting thorough due diligence with our suppliers. Unlike some manufacturers, our suppliers are dedicated to maintaining high standards for their solar energy products, never compromising on quality. Various critical factors are taken into consideration, such as the glass composition, component specifications, encasement process, and dispersal barriers.

    We proudly offer our suppliers PV systems, renowned globally for their top-notch glass-glass modules. They continue to lead the industry in terms of innovation and reliability.



    Indestructible & High Yielding

    Glass on glass panels offer not only a significantly extended service life but also a higher electricity generation capacity compared to conventional panels. These panels ensure a consistent and stable yield of free, green electricity over several decades.

    Eurener’s glass on glass modules provide advanced protection to the sensitive power-generating solar cells. The modules utilise two 2 x 2 millimeter thick transparent panels that are tightly laminated and bonded together, creating an air and water-tight seal, safeguarding the solar cells.

    Glass Is Strong & Lasting Stuff

    The main product advantage of glass-glass panels is in their material composition. When we think about it, we realise that glass actually does not age and therefore it is quite simple to see why these panels easily survive several generations.

    Single glass panels can twist & bend ….

    Often referenced as glass on foil solar panels they are simply not as strong as double glass panels.

    Elite Energies Solar Panels Ireland PID Protection

    Double glass is extremely strong …

    The placement of glass on both the front and rear of the panels ensures proven reliability in preventing the penetration of damp, moisture, and aggressive substances like sea salt and ammonia. This comprehensive protection extends to all components, offering maximum safeguarding.

    The high-performance rear contact cells used in these panels are exceptionally delicate and heavily rely on the protection provided by the front and rear glass layers.


    Elite Energies Solar Panels Ireland

    Glass glass neither twists or bends ….

    Glass on glass solar panels are strong

    As previously mentioned, the durable glass panels are impervious to acidic substances like salt spray, ammonia, and even sandstorms, effectively protecting the solar cells from any potential damage.

    Moreover, these glass panels significantly reduce the risks associated with mechanical stress from wind and snow when compared to glass foil modules. The likelihood of cell fractures and the formation of hot spots on the glass is also greatly diminished, thanks to the advanced design and materials used in the glass panels.

    The Elite Nulok Power-Roof

    Elite Nulok Glass on Glass Panels

    The Elite Energies Nulok Power-Roof is also a glass on glass panel system that immediately offers the operational cost-effectiveness of ultra-modern technology & manufacturing specifications in a smooth and continuous integration.

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