The Differences Between Glass Glass & Glass – Foil Panels.
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On February 9, 2021

Choosing Your Solar Panels Wisely.

Choosing the right solar panel installer is very important but how much thought would you give to choosing the right panel manufacturer? At Elite Energies Solar Panels Ireland we are committed to delivering high end products to our customers.


Since their inception way back in the early days, solar panels consistently rolled off production lines manufactured in the same way. Solar cells were placed beneath a top sheet of glass which was housed on foil membranes inside aluminium frames.

Environmental Pressures

Choose solar panels wisely

When faced with all the external weather elements that panels have to withstand, it was soon discovered there were many vulnerabilities that presented with older glass foil modules.

Not only was it particularly easy for damp to rise through the foil backed panels, which of course was detrimental to power outputs, it was also discovered that glass foil panels were prone to bending and twisting in extreme weather events.

Inevitably, stresses of this type on the delicate solar cells caused them to fracture and malfunction completely.

It is certainly true to point out that glass foil modules, by today’s standards, have come a long way since their early predecessors, however – it is also true to say that they offer far less in terms of durability compared to glass glass panels which are able to remain on rooftops for 3 decades or more, and come with guarantees to back that up.


Glass on Glass Modules

Just as it would suggest, glass on glass modules are PV panels that house solar cells between two glass panel sheets. As a result of this, the main axis of the panel does not twist or bend when faced with moderate to severe environmental events.

Apart from being more mechanically sound than glass foil panels, they are also far less susceptible to penetration from moisture, and chemicals such as ammonia and sea salt spray.


Reputation Reputation Reputation

At Elite Energies Solar Panels Ireland, we install glass glass modules only. Our chosen panel manufacturers and suppliers are Solarwatt Germany, who’s reputation in the solar industry needs little introduction. Their quality standards, including research and development, and at every other level of solar panel production are exemplary. We have also partnered with Nulok to bring you natural slate roofing with seemless soalr glass on glass tiles intergration.

Unlike some Asian manufacturers’ they do not cut corners when it comes to their solar energy products. There are several factors to take into consideration in this regard including, the composition of glass, component specification; the encasement process & dispersal barriers.

Solarwatt PV systems have gained notoriety worldwide for their premium quality glass glass systems. They are also leading the way in PID protection which is proven in the field and backed by product guarantees.


Indestructible & High Yielding

Glass on glass panels not only achieve a much longer service life, but also generate more electricity than conventional panels. Your free, green electricity yield remains stable over decades.

Solarwatt glass on glass modules protect the delicate power generating solar cells using 2 x 2 millimetre thick transparent panels which are laminated and bonded together so they are both air and water-tight.

The anatomy of a glass glass panel ….

Elite Energies Solar Panels Ireland PID Protection
Glass Is Strong & Lasting Stuff

The main product advantage of glass-glass panels is in their material composition. When we think about it, we realise that glass actually does not age and therefore it is quite simple to see why these panels easily survive several generations.

Foil backed panels twist & bend ….

Elite Energies Solar Panels Ireland PID Protection

Double glass is extremely strong …

Glass positioned at the front and rear of the panels provide attested reliability against penetration from damp, moisture and other aggressive substances such as sea salt and ammonia. This offers maximum protection to the passivated emitter rear contact (PERC).

These high performance rear contact cells are extremely delicate and without the protection of front and rear glass would be many times more susceptible to aging prematurely and malfunctioning completely.


Elite Energies Solar Panels Ireland

Glass glass neither twists or bends ….

Glass on glass solar panels are strong

As mentioned already, acidic substances such as salt spray, ammonia and even sand storms cannot penetrate and damage the toughened glass panels.

The risk of mechanical stress from wind and snow are also minimised greatly compared to glass foil modules. The propensity for cell fracture and hot-spots for damage on the glass are also radically addressed.


Your in safe hands in terms of your energy future! Solarwatt stand over your investment in renewable energy and offer 30 year guarantees with them.

Their official statement is as follows:

Photovoltaic panels should not only generate environmentally friendly electricity, but also pollute the environment as little as possible. From an ecological point of view, it makes no sense to throw away PV panels every 15 years and replace them with new ones. To underline our confidence in our products, we give 30 year product and performance warranties on all Vision and Easy In panels. At the end of the 30 years, our panels are guaranteed to still have at least 87 % of their original output.

In the event of a warranty claim, you will experience as little inconvenience as possible. If repairs cannot be carried out on site, we will replace the panels with new ones – always using the latest versions, of course.

This is free of charge for you and SOLARWATT takes care of the transport too! It is no coincidence that we call our products “the generational panels”. If something should happen, we will handle this as comfortably as possible for you

The Elite Nulok Power-Roof

Elite Nulok Glass on Glass Panels

The Elite Energies Nulok Power-Roof is also a glass on glass panel system that immediately offers the operational cost-effectiveness of ultra-modern technology & manufacturing specifications in a smooth and continuous integration.

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