Elite Energies Commercial Electric Car Charging Stations

    The Elite Energies Smappee EV Base offers commercial electric car charging stations customised to businesses.

    Whether your business is in retail, office or hospitality, the Elite Smappee commercial EV charging station offers you system insights with total control and payment solutions.


    Focus on savings: Power your home for less. Invest in our durable glass-on-glass PV panels and watch your electricity bills shrink.


    Commercial electric car charging

    Introduction ……….

    Intelligent Commercial EV Chargers From Smappee.

    Save Electricity. Save Carbon. Save Money.

    Enhance Your Brand Image.

    The EV market is booming, and forward-thinking businesses are preparing for the future.

    Unlock peak solar savings for your EV chargers. Dynamic load balancing maximises clean energy use, boosting self-sufficiency and cutting costs seamlessly.

    Providing EV charging showcases your company’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. This can improve your brand image and attract environmentally conscious customers and partners.

    The addition of dynamic load balancing means your business can effortlessly maximize solar energy usage for commercial electric vehicle charging stations during the day. Self sufficiency and cost saving are seamlessly optimised as a direct result.


    Safe & Smart Commercial Car Charging Using Solar Powered Energy.

    The most intelligent retail, office & commercial EV charger solution on the Irish market.


      • Autonomous & self-sufficient overload protection
      • Charging costs available in real time and historically
      • Multiple & priority charging rates capability
      • Costly electrical installation expansions eliminated
      • Sleek & elegant design with ambient lighting
      • Combines with energy management systems
      • Simple installations with very low maintenance


    Installing EV chargers now positions you as a leader in your industry and demonstrates your commitment to innovation.

    Elite Energies Smappee Commercial Car Chargers

    The Very Best Commercial EV Charging Stations

    available for your business toady.


    Best Commercial EV Charging Stations
    commercial ev charging stations for sale

    Overload Protection

    With the best commercial EV charging stations for sale in Ireland, overload protection comes guaranteed.

    Autonomous overload protection completely safeguards your buildings systems from within it’s own power limits. This means you will not have to incur expensive charges modifying existing electrical installations even while given the additional demand of charging cars at your place of business.



    System Overviews & Management at Each Individual Charging Point

    Smart car charging for your business!

    Get full and comprehensive insights to each commercial car charger & their individual revenues with the Elite Energies Smappee Dashboard.

    Rates for direct payments plus priority charging can be set right down to user level.

    commercial car charging points
    Save on your businesses electricity costs! Charge using only solar energy or at off-peak hours

    Want to switch off commercial car charging points outside the hours of your business operation? No problem through the Dashboard!

    commercial electric vehicle charging stations

    Charging & Paying Is Easy

    The Elite Energies Smappee EV Base presents several individual ways to begin charging sessions. Users can swipe, scan or start charging immediately. Use a QR code scanner to pay right away through the Smappee smart charge card or use another radio-frequency identification token. You can also choose Smappee as a reliable billing and payments partner while also having the freedom to choose any other CPO.

    cost of commercial ev charging station

    Efficient & Easy Installation

    With installation times of just a few hours, the EV Base is set to act quickly as an all in one solution. The integration of light emitting diodes or – LED’S, totally removes the need for additional wiring to light your garage or car park while the amalgamated differential ensures unnecessary use of extra control panels. The cost of commercial ev charging station points for your business is offset against their longer term energy efficiency.

    commercial electric car charging points installation

    Beautiful & Built To Last

    With future proofing and functionality at the forefront of their design, electric car charging point installations add value to any car park. The electric car charger is manufactured from sustainable materials which require little maintenance. LED’s show charge status & added night visibility. Light intensity can also be adjusted and set to on or off plus; you can modify the shape and colour of the LED’S to match your companies brand.

    Commercial EV Charger

    You might want a more compact solution?

    You can choose between the Elite Smappee EV base or the wall mounted edition for your business.

    Smaller scaled by design, it is easily fixed to a wall and is available with and without anchored charging cables. In terms of integration it functions just as seamlessly with any other energy circulation at your charging hub and building, while offering the same payment options.


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