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If you own & drive battery charged cars you can charge them safely at home using free electricity from solar energy with our electric car chargers.

Using solar energy, Elite Zappi EV wall chargers enable you to safely load up your vehicles power supply directly from your home.


Electric car chargers

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

The Zappi domestic electric car charger is an ultramodern state of the art system that easily combines both solar powered energy and grid supplied electricity meaning you can now charge your vehicle from free electricity supplied by powerful glass on glass solar panels.  

EV Chargers

A revolutionary electric car charger.


The Elite Energies home Zappi EV Wall charger genuinely represents a modern one of a kind system that is remarkably user familiar, easy to comfortably install and is an attractive compact unit which is complete with an integrated overcharge protection.

The unit ensures brilliant defense against overloading. This undoubtedly means there is no absolutely zero need to worry about blown fuses while your electric car charging is naturally in full operation.



Elite Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Save on energy costs & drive battery charged cars in a more sustainable Eco-friendly way.


EV Charger
The Elite Fusion 2

Searching for commercial charging solutions?


Are you a business owner and are exploring the possibilities of multiple electric vehicle charging stations? Elite energies, together with Smappee, have the perfect solution for you with EV base and business editions.

You can simultaneously power multiple battery charged cars with these highly efficient electric car chargers. Add payment options while enjoying insights and overviews from the Smappee dashboard.


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