Solar Panels For Farm Buildings – Tams Grants

On January 20, 2022

Tams Grants Support Is Available With Solar Panels For Farmers

Attention farmers young and old alike. Tams grants support is available with solar panels for farmers. Achieve a much more energy efficient farm while sustainably reducing your costs.

The Targeted Agriculture Modernisation Scheme or TAMS Grants has been put in place for the specific purpose of building or improving sufficiently a defined scope of farm buildings and equipment on farm holdings. This naturally includes solar panels for farmers.

Up to 60% of direct grants are available to farmers 40 years of age and under, plus up to 40% of grant availability to farmers over 40. This is superb news for farming solar panels possibilities.

Elite Energies install solar panels for farm use from the roof down & ground up!

Tams Grants

The time is now for farmers to invest in their holdings utilising solar panel farm grants currently available from the Irish Government. 

With 100% capital allowances and access to VAT refunds available, these very appealing tams grants offer solar panels farm cost and return on investment of up to 25% annually.

Why We Offer Bespoke Ground Based Solar Panels To Farmers In Particular

Ground Solar Panels

Generally speaking, it’s fairly obvious that the farming community would naturally contain land mass that domestic customers simply do not have natural access to. 

Because Elite Energies also possess decades of experience in the construction industry, we know this offers an excellent opportunity for land coverage with our ground mounted solar panels.

Where roof space may be limited there is often much more access on the ground and boy do we know exactly how to economically exploit it. 

We are unafraid to knuckle down and get our hands dirty with our bespoke ground mounted solar panel systems. 

Where roof spaces can be restricted ground mounted systems not only offer benefits in size and output but also positioning, by catching the sun and daylight from east to west and from dawn to dusk.   

Solar Panel Farm Grants

Solar Panel Farm Grants

There are currently seven different types available. 

With up to 40% TAMS grant Support currently available to the pig and poultry sector and it not being limited to 11kW, it is also now achievable up to 11kW regarding solar for farmers towards, sheep, dairy, beef; tillage etc.

You can learn all you need to know at the Government official page.


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