Ground Mounted Solar Panel System
Ground Mounted Solar Structure
On October 8, 2021

A Totally Bespoke Ground Mounted Solar Panel System

There are real advantages with a ground mounted solar panel system. This particular one was installed for a very satisfied customer in Co. Longford.

This ground mount solar system is not the same as stilt mounted solar racking.

Mounted solar racking panels

It is more than reasonable to point out there are many specific situations when solar racking is sufficiently justified, such as a distinct lack of roof capacity plus where ground space may be constricted.

We are aware that even where ground volume is plentiful, other companies overwhelmingly prefer to typically use stilt racks as their go to preferred technique.

Mostly, this is a satisfactory type of installation (provided it is what the customer wishes) and, in fundamental principle, realistically there are no primary problems using the method.

However, we have to mindfully consider high wind versus how stilts are bolted to the surface below in addition with ground to panel height.

These can forcibly throw up negative issues with solar racking movement. Plus, when it prominently comes to unique aesthetics, quite often such used procedures of solar mounting (even though they may be necessary) have a tendency to be very unsightly.

Why We Offer Bespoke Ground Based Solar Panels

Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Not for wanting to sound arrogant, its because we can! This simply means that as a leading company with almost 4 decades experience in the construction and renewable industry combined, we are proficient and adept at what we do.

Aesthetics wise, as you can see from the above image, there is a clear distinction between stilt mounted solar racking and our surface mounted system. Plus, as mentioned previously, it is not too difficult to imagine the problems that can arise with high wind versus ground to panel height.

The Foundations Of A Bespoke Ground Mounted Solar Structure

Ground Mounted Solar Panels

To merely say Elite Energies possess some necessary knowledge when it comes to our ever advancing industry would be a little understated.

When we think about renewable systems, as a team and at individual levels, we assuredly have expansive knowledge across multi-dimensional aspects including hydro/wind, heat pump, micro and solar PV generation.

However as previously mentioned, we have successful decades of extensive experience in the construction sector which allows us to venture where other companies refuse to, or simply cannot go.

Laying foundations (such as the one above) for our bespoke solar systems is very much second nature to us. 


11Kw Ground Mounted Solar Panel System

Surface mounted soalr panels

Our solar ground mounted panels are from Solarwatt Germany whose reputation for photovoltaic manufacturing is exemplary.

We can never overstate the paramount importance of using double sided glass on glass panels in direct comparison to glass on foil modules.

You can learn more about that here.

But in short, our panels are guaranteed for 30 years and are decidedly superior to glass foil.

In the image underneath are foil panels we removed from a house after just 10 years. We rigorously examined them and confirmed they were producing absolutely no free electricity.

Elite Energies Ground Mounted Solar
10 Kw Huawei Battery & Inverter System
Huawei battery and inverter system

This particular surface mounted installation consisted precisely of a10 kw scalable Huawei battery and inverter system. Also installed for this customer was the Zappi car charger. The entire system is powered by an 11Kw solar system. 

The Customers Review
Surface mounted solar panels
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