An Elite Power-Roof Installation
Elite Power-Roof Installation
On July 12, 2021

Natural Slate Roof With Solar Inserts, a Total Success!

In June 2021 we ventured over to Leeds in the UK to assist our partners Nulok and roofing specialist Mathew Wilson with the installation of a 4kw solar powered system including a 4.8 Solarwatt My-Reserve battery plus a 4kw Fronius inverter. Learn about the installation and its components below.

Solar Tiles

Elite Energies Nulok Solar Tile

These Elite Nulok solar tiles efficiently generate even more incredible power than ever before with an average of 3.7kWh for every 1Kw installed on your modern roof.

From the top, the Elite Nulok Power-Roof comprises an extremely tough glass front (and rear) solar array. As you can see accurately from the image, they slide securely & seamlessly into specific place with the surrounding slate tiles.

It is genuinely significant we eagerly point out the fundamental differences between double sided glass panels and their cheaper (top layered only) components.

Because single top layered glass panels typically sit on the roof and traditionally include a flexible plastic and foil housed rear, they are very much susceptible to gently twisting and bending in extreme weather events where as, double sided glass modules are not. Typically, the distinguished latter will invariably have four times the superior strength of standard glass with equal thickness.

Glass, its a generational thing!

One of the incredible recognized qualities of standard glass correctly is, that it quite simply does not age and can last for hundreds of years. So when we factor in added chemical resistance, reinforced composition plus it’s extraordinary ability to withstand the harshest of weather elements, these panels truly stand out as the go to innovative product from modern and reputable industry leading manufacturers.

Maximum strength is provided through this modern engineering and more effective protection is naturally offered to the delicate photovoltaic cells within. As a direct result, product guarantees are assuredly and significantly increased.

Whether your informed choice is to install a natural slate roof with solar inserts or  more traditional solar pv photovoltaic panels arrays on your existing rooftop, Elite Energies guarantee that we will ONLY EVER use doubled sided glass modules!

Solarwatt 4.8 Kw Solar Battery Storage

Solarwatt Battery

With more than 20 years of production experience under its belt, Solarwatt is one of the pioneers of the German solar industry. The My-Reserve represents the advantages of secure, highly efficient and standardized battery technology. All modules work in perfect harmony with one another.



Usable solar energy PV (photovoltaic) modules produce direct current (DC) and batteries store electricity in DC as well.

Households, however, use alternating current (AC). The DC power must be converted to AC power and this conversion is performed by the inverter. Typically, electricity from the roof goes through an inverter and is converted into alternating current.

If it is sent to a conventional battery, it is converted back into direct current. Then as the battery discharges, the current must be converted once again to alternating current. With each conversion you lose some of your precious solar power.

My-Reserve, on the other hand, is installed before the inverter. It stores the direct current from the PV system. Only when the electricity is consumed in the household is it converted into alternating current. This leaves over 90 % of your own solar power available and that is a real pay off !


Fronius Primo Power Inverter

Fronius Inverter Intsllation Leeds UK

Those of us in the know would correctly acknowledge Fronius as the modern worlds undoubted leading and established manufacturers of power inverters. They are exceptionally proud of their sustainable research and successful production in Austria.

Fronius unanimously back up their legitimate claims of the most outstanding quality with extensive tests efficiently performed under unfavorable and extreme conditions.

These product endurance tests go far beyond recommended standards and routine operating conditions. Only when specific devices are capable to withstand the external influences of extreme temperatures, abundant moisture, ice, salt, gritty dust and dirt; without consequential damage – do they commence series production.

In this installation we used a 4kW Fronius Primo Inverter.

This single-phase, transformer-less device is the ideal inverter for private households. Its innovative super-flex design provides maximum flexibility in the system model, while the Snap-inverter mounting system makes installation and maintenance as easy as possible.

The communication package included as standard with WLAN, energy management, numerous interfaces, and much more besides, makes the Fronius Primo a communicative inverter for owner-occupiers.

The Proof Of The Pudding!

Imagine your PV panels exporting electricity back to the national grid! Instantly see for yourself. The direct results of the completed installation are briefly explained in this short video clip by Elite Energies MD James Gorahm.

And finally, a review from the customer

I had Nulok solar tiles fitted on my roof and a Solarwatt PV battery storage system installed. The level of service from Paul and the team was outstanding. The attention to detail and results have exceeded what I was expecting. Paul really takes pride in what he does and you knew he had your best interests in hand. The solar tiles look fantastic and you really wouldn’t even know they were solar. I have had many people on the street compliment how they look.

In summary if you want to:
1) Lock in your energy costs for the future; as they are only going to go up!
2) Be energy independent
3) Do your bit for the environment
4) Invest in your property
5) Have a great looking roof, then Nulok is a no brainier!
Highly recommended from a satisfied customer!

Dan Wright

Leeds, United Kingdom

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