Tams Grant Support Is  Available For Solar Panels For Farmers. Elite Energies.

The TAMS Grant is in place to build and/or improve a specified range of farm buildings and equipment on farm holdings including solar panels for farmers.

There are seven Tams Grants applications available under the Targeted Agriculture Modernisation Schemes.

Tams Grants

Solar Panels For Farm Use

From an agricultural perspective energy demands are extremely high. At Elite Energies we are total experts when it comes to the key installation of high tech bespoke solar energy systems to suit all farm holding types.

Solar Panel Farm Grants

Save on energy costs from the ground up or roof down with Elite Energies!


solar panel farm grants

Solar panels farm cost and return on investment.

Diversify sustainable income and naturally make your productive farm and its essential holdings much more viable over the long term.

Solar Panels For Farmers Price:

We are always at hand to provide ample assistance with the tams grant in relation to solar panels for farmers. Although we cannot complete the specific application for you directly, when assisting farmers with solar panel farm grants, we will provide you with our extensive expertise and indispensable knowledge.

Farming Solar Panels

Our bespoke and traditional systems save on energy costs from the ground up or roof down!


Farmers learn precisely about the generous benefits of our bespoke ground mounted solar panels and solar farms on agricultural land plus solar panels for farm buildings.

solar panels farm land

Feed In Solutions.

2021 positively saw an official announcement by Government that private individuals and groups generating electricity from sustainable sources will soon have viable options to sell surplus electricity back to the national grid.

It was announced this will be carried out over three stages, the second of which (phase 2) sufficiently involves a specific plan which allows businesses, communities and farms to feed back to the grid. Read more about it the micro generation scheme here

Great news for everyone but particularly in direct relation to solar panels for farmers and moving forward solar energy farming. 


Visit the relevant section on the governments website below:

TAMS Grants
The Elite Fusion 2

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