Solar Panel Battery Storage
Solar Panel Batteries
On September 5, 2022

Solar Panel Batteries | Solar Power Bank

Elite Energies have partnered with Huawei and are naturally delighted to announce active installations of their superior solar panel batteries & solar power bank systems.

For residential or commercial customers, this solar technology seamlessly integrates with continuously advancing digital and internet technologies.

Your photovoltaic power generation and solar battery charging are fully optimised together with easy to use APP’s and interfaces resulting in extremely smart home clean energy management.

An Unparalleled Solar Panel & Battery System

We are tremendously excited to announce that Huawei have launched one of the most anticipated solar energy storage battery systems on the planet to date.

The brand-new modular lithium solar panels battery is a high voltage component which when coupled with Huawei power inverters and our superior solarwatt solar panels, offers unparalleled functionality.

It is also very much compatible with a diverse range of power inverters.

In our vast experience this is simply a solar energy storage system that surpasses expectations.

Aesthetically pleasing, this modular set up offers solar power backup systems for homes that you can literally build from the ground up with components that are scalable from 5 to 30Kw.



Solar power bank

The Modular Potential Of Solar Panel Batteries

The solar panel battery storage system consists of stacked and linked modules which will provide you with all of the green energy created from the solar power station on your roof top or from one of our ground mounted solar panels installations.

3 modules can be tower stacked to reach a capacity of 15kW and 2 stacks can be simultaneously paralleled to reach 30kW. 

With 100% range of both charge and output, solar power bank energy level optimisation is managed with maximum proficiency. Nothing gets wasted or sent back to the grid. 


Solar panels farm - Elite Energies Solar Installers Ireland

Monitor solar Charge, Yields & Usage

This next gen system offers one of the best solar power bank monitoring APP systems available. Naturally have total control over your inverters, batteries and optimisers with a lightening quick and simplistic set up.


A Domestic Solar Energy Storage Installation!

We recently completed a solar panels project including car charging and a battery solar power bank for a customer in Termonbarry Co Roscommon.

Solar Energy Storage Elite Energies Solar Panels Ireland
20 Glass On Glass Solarwatt Solar Panels

These solar panel modules offer the highest yields available to Irish homeowners and for years to come.

This Is Why They Are Backed By An Incredible 30 Year Guarantee!


Solar Panel Batteries - Elite Energies Solar Panels Ireland


Solar power bank Elite Energies Ireland
Green Energy Independence

Our customer now has 20 solarwatt glass on glass panels feeding Direct Current Electricity into a:

    • 6kW single phase Huawei inverter

It is then converted to Actual Current electricity & stored in a:

    • 10Kw Huawei Solar panel battery system

The customer also elected to have one of our electric car chargers installed.


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