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Electric Car Chargers
On June 17, 2022

Electric Car Sales | Elite Energies Ireland

The rise in purchase of electric cars has seen home car chargers become regular installation products for us.

More specifically, accurate information and figures released from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland have revealed that, at the end of May 2022, there were in excess of 40 thousand electric vehicles sold in Ireland.

This figure is over 10 times greater than that of EV’s sold just 3 years ago. Hence, electric car chargers becoming more common, particularly combined with our numerous ranges of solar panel installations.

Zappi, Our Go To EV Chargers

EV Chargers

In our specialist & professional opinion, these are absolutely the very best ev chargers currently available to the Irish market. They are fully compatible to most vehicle types and of course, they are also compatible with all our solar panel installations. Alternatively, they also act as standalone devices which can draw power directly from the grid.

3 Effective Ways To Use Our Home Car Chargers

Home car chargers

With 3 very effective modes in which to power up your home electric car chargers, the built in intelligence gives you full control over how the system not only uses the free electricity you have generated from your solar panels, but also, how it is dispersed to other areas in around the home such as heaters, etc.

Ground Or Wall Home Car Chargers?

Car Chargers

The Zappi pedestal is available in both single and double models plus wall mounted systems. The beams and base are sleek in modern design and very pleasing to the eye.

The pedestal system comes with a white cable guard amply secured by security washers and M8 bolts. The mounting plate is also secured using a security bit with M6 Allen bolt components.

The entire unit can be located wherever is most convenient or practical on the grounds of your home. 

Electric Car Charging Stations Tech

No Earth Rod Required
Ability to Set Timers
Solar Charging
Remote Access
Pincode Protected
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