The Zappi EV Charger. The Best Home Car Chargers Around!

    What To Expect From These Ev Charging Stations.

    When it comes to an EV Charger, Elite Energies Solar Panels Ireland are proud partners & installers of Zappi home car chargers. The Zappi can charge your EV by solar power only, grid power or both.


    Together with our high-quality glass-on-glass PV panels the Zappi makes perfect sense.


    Elite Energies Zappi Car Charger

    Introduction …..

    Widely Recognised As The Best Electric Vehicle Charger On The Market

    Elite Energies Zappi Electric Car Charger

    A Revolutionary Solar Electric Car Charger

    With system compatibility to most electric vehicles, these electric car charging points operate efficiently from renewable sources or directly from the local grid. Aesthetically pleasing, they provide quick reliable charging – are simple to install & come with added security features and phone in hand app technology.

    Zappi Is Approved For The SEAI EV Charger Grant.

    The Government-backed Electric Vehicle Home Charger Grant aims to aid residents and homeowners in installing electric vehicle charging points on their properties.

    This initiative offers a financial grant to assist in covering the costs of purchasing and installing a home charger unit.



    No Earth Rod

    Te system is the only EV Charger that utilises PEN technology. This is a big deal and by far an extra safe choice when it comes to home ev chargers. Having to install an earth rod makes installations more expensive. This is just one of the reasons a zappi charge point is a superior product.

    Set Timers

    Fundamentally, this is your cost saving timer for an electric vehicle. The boost timer on the system allows the user to designate particular hours for your electric car charger to activate. Typically, this would apply when energy tariffs are at their cheapest levels, such as on and off peak times.

    Solar Charging

    The Zappi car charger is fully compatible with our double glass panels, bespoke ground mounted solar systems & our natural slate roof with seamless solar inserts. Obviously this means you can naturally charge your electric car from free electricity however; the system also works by drawing power directly from the grid.

    Remote Access

    Manage and monitor your EV charging cycle and electricity consumption effortlessly using the My-energi App. Access your charging point from anywhere around the globe. The smart app offers simple navigation & easy to understand visual graphs that display all your key information in one place.

    Pin Code Protection

    Also designed with security in mind, your electric vehicle charging station is equipped with pin code protection. Ultimately this safety feature will prevent access to your system from other people. 


    ev charging stations

    Using the Zappi domestic charging point in eco mode means you can combine energy sources from renewable or drawn from the grid. Grid power is kept at minimum levels maximising charging from your solar panels or wind generation. Adjustments are constantly being made in accordance with the way power is being used up elsewhere around your home. Should the surplus power in the system drop under 1.4kW, some power will then be pulled from the grid to top up.

    eco +
    In this mode the system is equally assessing and making continuous adjustments based on power usage from other sources around your home. When too much power is instantly detected, the electric vehicle charging station will pause and recommence automatically when it recognises there is free power available to be drawn in. Your EV charges on surplus electricity generated by your solar panels which would otherwise be lost to the grid.
    Fast mode is exactly as it sounds. The EV charger uses 7kW drawing power from either sources. If there is no renewable energy source present the unit works efficiently from the grid alone. In built protection prevents overloading while in this mode.


    With stylish aesthetics and quality manufacturing the Zappi pedestal is available in a single and double model.

    It can be strategically placed in whatever specific location ideally suits your needs and it functions no less differently than that of a wall mounted component.

    Zappi Pedestal Single Mount


    Zappi Pedestal Double Mount


    Zappi Wall Mounted Car Chargers


    Do Home Car Chargers Need Solar Panels?

    No, they don’t, however; with electricity costs rising at exponential rates never before seen, shifting to solar makes sense now more than ever.

    With many electric vehicle owners working from home or retired, this means the EV can be plugged into Eco+ mode for long periods of time during the day.

    Any surplus power generated from your solar panels not required by your house electricity load is automatically diverted into your EV’s battery.

    This is an excellent method of maximising the return from your solar panel investment.

    Elite Energies are happy to quote you with the installation of a home EV charging station whether or not you have, or require solar panels.


    Enclosure Dimensions439 x 282 x 122mm
    Protection DegreeIP65 (weatherproof)
    Enclosure MaterialASA
    Rated Power7kW (1-ph) or 22kW (3-ph)
    Rated Supply Voltage230V AC Single Phase or 400V AC 3-phase (+/- 10%)
    Supply Frequency50 Hz
    Rated Current32A max
    Standby Power Consumption3W
    Integral Earth Leakage Protection Integral30mA Type A RCD (EN 61008) + 6mA DC protection (EN 62955)
    Economy Tariff SenseInput 230V AC sensing (4.0kV isolated)
    Tethered Cable Length6.5 Meters
    Circuit Breaker32A Curve B
    Earthing ArrangementTN: can be connected to the PME supply. Complies with BS 7671:2018-amd1:2020
    Elite Energies Irelnd & The My Enegi Hub

    Smart Charging With All Your Devices

    The My-Energi V Hub

    Being able to precisely match and pair all your devices with remarkable ease enables you to naturally have full control over your homes energy flow through the practical use of the Myenergi APP.

    The Zappi EV charger is fitted with an integrated internet hub which connects directly with the Myenergi App allowing you to have full control of the charging of your EV. This allows for firmware updates to be automatically applied to your Zappi’s software and give you full visibility over your EV charging history and costs.

    So What Does The Hub Do Exactly?

      • Allows you to control and monitor your EV charging from your phone
      • Allows you to schedule smart charging to take advantage of cheaper tariffs
      • Records your charging history and costs
      • Allows you to manage charging modes remotely
      • Available free for Android and Apple

    Significantly, the hub is simply linked into your system without complication or the specific need for qualified electricians, etc.

    With options to remotely preset heating and hot water on the energy diverter eddi solar diverter and extensive access to the various charging modes on your ev charger, you are free to vigilantly monitor live energy flow, your overall consumption and any diverted energy.

    All relevant data is right there at your fingertips which empowers you to budget your charging framework and key parameters. Your Zappi home car chargers in the driving seat as it reliably detects the cheapest available tariffs for the most efficient electric car charging at home. 

    All firmware and other relevant updates are easily managed through a website link.


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