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What to Expect

Elite Energies are proud partners of MyEnergi & have installed their products many times. The Eddi Solar Diverter is our go to solar energy diverter.

This independent unit efficiently maximises the energy naturally created from your solar panels by redirecting it back to heating water and select heating systems rather than exporting it back to the grid.

The direct result, more efficient power generation.

Eddi Soalr Diverter
Solar Hot Water Diverter

This solar power diverter defers excess renewable energy you have created from being exported to the national grid. Instead, it diverts it to heating your water and select heating systems.

Set Timers

With peak time tariffs costing significantly more, the system allows you use its built-in programme to intentionally set and boost timers resulting in maximum utilisation of your solar PV.

Optional Remote Access

Quite simply, an app will provide you with the capability to access your charging point from anywhere around the globe. The smart app offers simple navigation & easy to understand visual graphs that display all your key information in one place. 


We are always here to offer technical support or to respond to questions you may have. This device comes with a 3-year warranty which can be registered & activated post installation.

A Smart & Simple Solar Panel Power Diverter

For us, this energy diverter is simple and very straightforward to install. For you it is an absolutely user friendly & simple to operate solar diverter. Often searched for as an ‘Eddi immersion controller’, it boasts simple to see graphics on an LCD screen and does not use  inbuilt fans for cooling.


Turn to landscape on your phone

Dimensions220 x 205 x 87mm (excluding wall bracket)
Weight4.3kg (excluding wall bracket)
Protection DegreeIP65 (weatherproof)
Mounting MethodWall mounting bracket
Operating Temperature-20°C to +40°C
Enclosure MaterialPainted Zintec steel
Protection DegreeIP20
Rated Input Power3.68kW
Rated Supply Voltage230V AC Single Phase (+/- 10%)
Supply Frequency50Hz / 60Hz
Rated Current16A
Standby Power Consumption3W
Generator Size SupportedNo limit (subject to 100A per-phase grid supply)
Heater Load Size100W min. 3.68kW max.
Wireless Interface868 MHz (proprietary protocol) for wireless sensor and remote monitoring options
Supply Cable EntryRear, bottom, or side option
Grid Current Sensor65A max. primary current, 16mm max. cable diameter
Economy Tariff Sense Input230V AC sensing (2.5kV isolated)

The Best Solar Diverter For Monitoring Power Generation.


Being able to opt into a wireless installation is just one of the Eddi diverters many attributes.

Short circuit overload protection and daylight saving adjustments also offer the active user complete peace of mind.

The system is guaranteed for 3 years and fully complaint with global electricity grid standards.


The Eddi comes fully equipped with a grid sensor which is refereed to as a CT or ‘current transducer clamp.

Its primary function is to monitor your power generation and then divert any excess to your homes heating appliances. A log is captured and data are available so you can further optimise the system to make savings on future energy costs.

Commercial car charging solutions

Whether your business is in retail, office or hospitality, Elite Energies  commercial EV charging stations offer you system insights with total control and payment solutions.

To sum up, the Eddi solar diverter is quick and simple to install and speedily paired with an optional app so remote use is easy!

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