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On July 4, 2022

Elite Energies Solarwatt Solar Panels.

On the surface, learning about solar panels might sound a bit obvious. The sun shines & our Solarwatt solar panels generate electricity; easy, right? Well, yes and no.

Okay, at a primary level they efficiently absorb renewable energy from the visible sun however, panels have become ever more advanced since their early days and now use daylight with absolute proficiency to naturally create (DC) direct current electricity which is then converted into (AC) alternating current.

What is DC electricity?

Solarwatt solar panels Elite Energies

Fundamentally, DC is used with electronics and devices that contain battery power sources. Think computers, laptops, phones, etc. which would have peripheral components like AC converters.

Solar panels are not much different.

DC current is constant in its flow direction from negative to positive and is difficult to interrupt where high voltage is running constantly.

In other words, plugging or connecting directly into DC current poses significant safety risks, fire, sparks and electric shock, etc.

AC means alternating current.

Routed through our power inverters with all their internal components, capacitors, resisters and electronic circuitry, direct current changes back and forth from positive to negative plus it switches flow and direction, DC is instantly converted into AC current which can be safely routed to areas around your home or stored in our solar battery systems.

Woah, that was a earful right?!

That’s the technical stuff done but remember both DC and AC are electrical currents and therefore equally as dangerous as each other.

They should never be handled by anybody other than an expert. 


When looking for information about solar energy look no further than Elite Energies & Solarwatt!


Information about solar energy

Our prestigious and established alliance with Solarwatt, who are German & and world giants in solar manufacturing, is no fortuitous coincidence.

Quite simply, a distinct line could well be drawn at the mere mention of their name alone and, we could very easily argue their name is all you need to know about solar panels! Their impeccable reputation naturally precedes them.

It Is About Solar Energy For You, Your Kids & Generations That Have Yet To Be Born.

To say that our glass on glass solar panels are sustainable really is a considerable understatement.

The modules are so advanced in their manufacturing they offer the highest yields available to Irish homeowners and for years to come.

This Is Why They Are Backed By An Incredible Three Decade Guarantee!

It’s All About Solar Panels

Ready To Go & Installed Nationwide.

All about solar panels Elite Energies Ireland

Just a fraction of our Solarwatt solar panels in stock here at Millennium House Headquarters.


about solar power

When learning about solar power it is important to know with accuracy the established facts about solar panels supplied and installed by us.

Gasses & many different types of  hazardous pollutants that could be detrimental to the system cannot penetrate the robust design of these independent modules and therefore the delicate solar cells inside are fully protected by not only the outer casing, but also the tough laminate and double sided exterior glass.

Excessive moisture & chemical penetration is simply impossible. 

Extreme weather conditions are no problem!

Watch a quick video

Invariably, when it comes to information about solar equipment, we like to share all the important details. There are none more so indispensable than learning about the solar cells inside of your panels.

Put simply, these are extremely delicate components that if left unprotected from destructive weather elements would inevitably fail.

The specialised cells within are about as protected as you can get.

Encased in an outer shell they are further enclosed within a composite of two foil layers which are in then thermally placed between two layers of tempered glass.

This is really important to understand as the fundamental differences between glass on glass and glass on foil modules are crucial to be aware of. We’ve mentioned this in a previous post here

The latter are usually cheaper and come with just an average of 10 years guarantees in striking contrast to our 30 years plus, our 60-year design life.

The truthful facts about solar cells in modules that are supplied and fitted correctly by Elite Energies Solar Panels Ireland is they can withstand mechanical forces such as twisting & bending, hail; snow and most other external influences.

Electric Car Charging
Electric Car Chargers

The Elite Energies home Zappi EV Wall charger, also available for commercial car charging, genuinely represents a modern one of a kind system that is remarkably user familiar, easy to comfortably install and is an attractive compact unit which is complete with an integrated overcharge protection.

The unit ensures brilliant defense against overloading. This undoubtedly means there is no absolutely zero need to worry about blown fuses while your electric car charging is naturally in full operation.

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