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On December 14, 2021

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Another Totally Bespoke Ground Mounted Solar Panel System In Co. Meath.

Accurately described as a place of nature, Rathbeggan Lakes Meath Eco Park in Dunshauglin certainly did not disappoint when we arrived punctually to meet the owner and asses the possibilities for one of our unique ground mounted solar installations.

According to their Facebook Page, this beautiful 22 acre park, with its four lakes and natural planting, has become home to countless native species that will delight photographers, birdwatchers and those wishing to spend time in nature.

The Beautiful Lakes At Meath Eco Park .

Ground solar panels

Ground Based Solar Panels Make Perfect Sense

 Ground Mount Solar

Just a few short days after this installation was sufficiently completed the country was hammered with a red weather warning event called storm barra.

It is important for us to correctly point out that each and every Elite Energies installation type are built to the highest specification standards, are extremely robust and can endure in all types of severe weather events from high heat & hailstones to driving wind, rain and below freezing temperatures.

However, that said, a lot of companies prefer to use ground mount solar racking systems which to all intent and purposes are broadly acceptable.

The only reservation we would express regarding solar racking realistically is – extremely fierce winds causing instability to the racking poles.

There are, of course, installation situations that simply dictate the effective use of solar racking systems where ample space is just not applicable either at rooftop or ground level.

The Foundations Of A Bespoke Ground Mounted Solar Structure

Ground Solar Panels

What is particularly unique to us is that we hail from decades of background experience within the construction industry.

So naturally, when it invariably comes to the laying of foundations such as the concrete slabs required for sufficient ground mounted solar panels, it comes very much as second nature to us. 



A Bespoke 15.1 Kw Ground Mounted Solar Panel System

Surface mounted soalr panels

Here we can see Graham adding the finishing touches to the system. The concrete foundation was ideally fitted with 48 x 315w Solarwatt glass on glass solar panels. We always take care to correctly point out the fundamental difference between glass on glass, and glass on foil backed solar panels which you can read more about here.

Our solar panels come with a staggering 30 year guarantee.

15 Kw Huawei Hybrid Battery & Inverter System
15 Kw Hybrid Hawaii Batery

Huawei is now a power house and recognised world leaders when it comes to solar battery manufacturing. This 15Kw system will ensure the responsible owners will have little to concern themselves with when it undoubtedly comes to the rising costs of  grid supplied electricity. 

In actual fact, they have more to look forward to in that we will all soon be able to promptly sell our surplus free electricity back to he national grid. 

This particular Huawei system solution combined with our glass on glass solar panels will not only drastically reduce comprehensive energy bills it will also help assist te family contribute to a better environment, thus leaving less of a carbon footprint and without compromising their lifestyle whatsoever. 

The Eddi Power Diverter

Riding high at the forefront of eco-smart renewable technology, the talented people at My Energi are the passionate and successful guys & gals responsible for the worlds first solar and wind powered electric car charger. 

In addition, they are also leading the way with the Eddi Power Diverter. This super intelligent unit ensures all your green energy is diverted back into your home or business before you choose to sell any surplus back to the grid. Win Win! 

The final test on our installation in Rathbeggan Lakes Eco Project.
Everything is working perfectly!

Ground solar panel installations

UPDATE 05/05/2022

We are naturally delighted to announce that we’ve received a fantastic review from our client who specifically speaks about the savings already gained from this system.

Elite Energies Solar Panels Ireland

The Magic Number Of Euros Saved!

Some great news!! Our bill this month was €442 less than the same period last year! €38 we paid this cycle! Happy man! Thank you.

David Robinson

Rathbeggan Lakes

Exciting New Product Alert!

Take a look at the Elite Nulok Power-Roof. It has revolutionised the modern aesthetics of solar panels on our rooftops without compromising on essential quality or guarantees!

Elite Power-Roof Installation
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