Micro-generation Support Scheme
On November 24, 2021

A Scheme To Sell Electricity Back To The Grid Is Expected By Summer.


The Minister for the environment has announced that people and able groups who generate electricity will soon have viable options to sell back any excess to the national grid.

Citing an Eirgrid study which was recently published in relation to micro-generation the Minister said

For too long it has been put back, delayed and prevented from being delivered. We are on the cusp of delivering it within months.

What Is Micro-generation? .

Micro generation scheme Ireland

The specific term micro-generation is precisely defined as ‘micro-generation technologies’ as issued in a public consultation by the Irish Government on 14th January 2021.

Where modern systems are efficiently implemented to principally supply the needs of the business property or dwelling where they are installed – the term encompasses micro-solar PV, micro-hydro, micro-wind and micro-renewable CHP (combined heat & power) with a maximum electrical output of 50kW.

Public Consultation Statement

Export solar electricity back to the grid Ireland

There are several Grants available to home, business and farm owners which have been operating effectively over the past few years (see below) however, up to this essential point in time, there has never been a support mechanism in place for this range of micro generation technologies.

The official statement issued online in the public consultation regarding this is as follows.

We are developing a Micro-generation Support Scheme which will support new micro-generation deployment, deliver a route to market for citizens and communities to generate their own renewable electricity like from solar panels on their roofs, and receive a fair price when they sell the excess into the grid.


Grants for solar panels

It is widely speculated within our industry that some current grants will soon be removed however, they are still widely available to private home, business and farm owners available through SEAI and Tams ll.

While they are still available, when it comes to your grants for solar panels, Elite Energies will generously assist you at every necessary step of the way with your specific application. 

Micro-generation Scheme In 3 Phases

Eamon Ryan

When speaking to an Oireachtas Committee on the subject of Climate Change, Minister Ryan announced changes to the current situation that would soon commence in 3 separate phases.

Phase one would see the implantation of a mechanism whereby people would be eligible to sell their electricity generated from renewable sources back to the national grid.

Phase Two the plan is to allow community energy including farms, businesses and schools to invest in large scale micro-generation and receive a stable and steady price for it that works economically.

Phase Three He also said that in this phase for larger projects of systems up to a megawatt in capacity would take longer.

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