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    Get solar panel grants of up to €2,400.00! Seai solar grants are currently available in Ireland. There has never been a better time to apply however, It is widely speculated within our industry that some current grants will soon be removed so you may need to act fast while they are still in place. 

    Solar panel grants

    Making The Switch To Green Energy Is Easy With Us!

    The Irish government is proactively addressing installation costs through the provision of a solar panel grant of up to €2,400.00. If your home was built before 2011, these cash grants could very well be available to you. We can help you at every step of the way with your grant application. 

    About Solar Grants & SEAI

    A solar energy grant provides a once off payment to you when installing solar PV panels in your home.

    It is overseen by the SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) Applications must be made and an offer of a solar grant received by you from SEAI before work is carried out on a solar panel installation.


    Elite Energies & Seai Solar Panel Grants Ireland

    The savings to be had from installing a solar panel system make a huge difference to your household running costs annually.

    Solar Grants Apply Across Our Range Of Products, Get Them Before They Are Gone!

    Solar panel grants Ireland

    Do I qualify for the Solar Electricity Grant?

    To qualify for a solar grant you must:

    • Be the owner of a home built and occupied before 2021
    • Use new materials and products that were not already covered under another grant scheme
    • Use a company from the SEAI’s registered list of companies
    • Have the electrical works completed by a Safe Electric Ireland electrician
    • Apply to ESB Networks to be connected to the electricity distribution system using the ESB Networks NC6 form (pdf). Your registered installer should do this for you before they fit the system.
    • Provide a Declaration of Works signed by a registered installer on the SEAI Solar PV Approved Installer list
    • Have a Building Energy Rating (BER) carried out after the work is completed
    • Meet the requirements in the Solar PV Code of Practice



    When it comes to an EV Charger, we are proud partners & installers of Zappi home car chargers. Widely recognised as the best EV charger on the market the Zappi is SEAI approved for the €600 EV charger grant.

    How to apply for a solar panel grant.

    Because of SEAI rules you must apply for the PV grant personally. This rule that ensures your details are not used inappropriately by a third party. SEAI place great insistence on this course of action. Elite Energies support their stance.

    1] Beware

    With on-line fraud so prevalent today you should always be 100% sure you are not being lured by unfamiliar websites and go directly to the SEAI official page for registration and signing in. The SEAI portal URL is or you can use this link to get there.

    3] Details

    You will then be asked to provide your title including your first and last name plus your phone number. All future correspondence with SEAI will take place using this portal. It really is very straight forward and simple for you to keep up to date regarding all Elite Energies correspondence that takes place with the Sustainable Authority Of Ireland  on your behalf.

    2] Follow Instructions

    When registering you will be asked to provide some details which will include whether or not you are a domestic user along with your email address, a password and then to confirm your email address. Once confirmation is completed, you may then proceed with your registration.

    4] Grant Application

    Once a registration is successful , you should refresh or revisit &   sign in. You can also visit and scroll to the ‘Apply Now’ button or visit that page here.  An MPRN number (located at the top right of your ESB bill) is required. You will also need to supply your IBAN & BIC so any future payments can be made directly to you.

    Although we cannot make a solar panel grant application on your behalf, we can assist and advise you along the journey. Should you require help we are always at hand to assist.

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