Polluting Solid Fuels Banned By Winter 2022!
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On September 10, 2021

Solar Panels Or Solid Fuel? Lets compare what both have to offer you!

A nationwide ban is imminent on all smoky solid fuel including coal, wood, peat briquettes and all manufactured solid fuel products.

Domestic solid fuel users and suppliers are set to be sternly served with regulations which will ensure that most polluting solid fuels currently available will very soon, no longer be so and those that are will be tightly regulated.

Nearing imminent completion, the specific criterion for this economic initiative is set to be in place within the next twelve months.

Minister for the environment, Eamon Ryan assuredly says he is promptly issuing the announcement now so it will allocate ample time to allow current suppliers adjust and invest in less polluting fuel options.

According to an RTE report there are merely 42 Towns across the land where smoky coal cannot be typically purchased but, outside of these unique places, it is possible to eagerly buy the highly polluting solid fuel.

However, burning coal does not represent the sole culprit and the comprehensive ban plus other restrictions will rigorously apply to all related products including wood, peat briquettes and all manufactured solid fuel products.

The notable figures which have been promptly announced means there will now be a legislative requirement on all of the above to emit less than ten grams of noxious smoke per hour whilst being burned. This precise figure is also set to decrease to yet an even more precise number of just five grams by 2025. 

To begin with, lets understand fine particulate matter.

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Naturally occurring and man-made, particulate matter or (PM) is the specific term given to very small and microscopical liquid and solid particles that suspend in the atmosphere when they become airborne.

Precisely defined by their corresponding numbers 10 and 2.5, both are measured in microns. PM 10 refers to particle matter that is 10 or less microns.

To put it into perspective, ten of these microns could be laid out across the width of a human hair while in the case of PM 2.5 it’s 40 microns! 

Under the guidelines from the World Health Organisation and playing its role in the Cleaner Air for Europe Directive, the Environmental Protection Agency monitors theses particle matters very closely.

Implications of particulate matter on the human body

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 Particles 2.5 or less have the destructive capability to penetrate acutely deep into the lungs. During this awful process they aggravate and erode the alveolar wall inevitably leading to the likely probability of functional impairment of the lungs amongst a host of other health issues.

Following two decades of epidemiological studying on the negative association of fine particle pollution and respiratory morbidity and mortality, the findings were consequential and significant according to a peer-reviewed publication regarding the adverse impact of PM2.5 on the human respiratory system. It cites that a comprehensive report from the last century suggests that PM2.5 decreased the average lifespan by 8.6 months.

The Elite Fusion 2 complete solar panel system

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Our Elite Fusion 2 complete solar system supplies everything you naturally need in one package allowing you instant capability to generate and store free electricity which can then be redirected around your home for later use.

Your free electricity is powered by German manufactured Solarwatt glass on glass solar panels and the system further utilises highly efficient and technologically intelligent electric radiators which are also of German manufacturing. They require 12 to 15 minutes of heating and in return give back 45 minutes of heat retention. They are also esthetically beautiful and can be installed in almost any location due to the flexibility of the product.

  • Generate Free Electricity
  • Store This Electricity
  • Heat Your Water
  • Heat Your Home
  • Use A Simple App
  • Get Digital Alerts
  • Charge Your Electric Vehicle (optional)


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Smoky fuel ban
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