Natural Slate Roof + Integrated Solar Tiles
Elite Power Roof
On April 20, 2022

A Natural Slate Roof & New Generation Of Solar Roof Tiles.

Continuing research and sustainable development into solar energy has resulted in a modern generation of solar roof tiles with an exciting number of innovative features.

The Elite Power Roof  seamlessly integrates with a patented new natural slate roofing system that has not only revolutionised the way we use slate on rooftops but also how we typically mount and use solar panels.

Elite Energies Solar Panels

The Finest Natural Slate.

Natural Slate Roofs

Choosing to comfortably install these slate roof tiles with this solar panel system guarantees a beautiful rooftop while simultaneously delivering a personal supply of clean renewable electricity which is of course, efficiently harnessed from continuous daylight and sunlight combined.

Ground Breaking Glass On Glass Solar Tiles.

Glass on Glass Solar Panels

A unique inner cell solar matrix efficiently generates 20% more solar energy from the same roof area. Tempered glass is used on the rear of the removable panel which reassuringly adds much more superior strength, exceptional longevity and efficiency.

Whether you use, the traditional roof mounted panels or our seamless integrated modules, Elite Energies Solar Panels Ireland will use Glass on Glass photovoltaic panels exclusively .

Photovoltaic Solar Panel Colour Coded Industrial Conduits

Pholtaic Solar Panels

Another exciting new innovation is the clever invention of colour coded conduits which were uniquely designed to make active installations fail-safe.

The conduits are manufactured to industrial standards and were developed to naturally protect the experienced crew during active installation or at anytime going forward. The system meets all current safety regulations and standards.

Retrofit Tiles & Panels Quickly & Easily.
Elite Energies Natural Slate Roofing

An exclusive feature to the entire system is how simple and easy it is not only to comfortably install but also retrofit both natural slate tiles and solar panel tiles.

This system absolutely revolutionises the effective way we install slate roofs and solar PV in Ireland and is a total game changer.

Critical Airflow Means Cooler Panels.
Solar panel installations

A deliberate gap is created precisely between the solar tile and the roof lining which intentionally allows extremely valuable airflow through the roof-space.

This naturally produces a more cooler area underneath the solar panel which in a favorable turn, automatically improves solar powered generation. 

Cable Management Plan
Elite Energies Cable managment plan

All new solar panel installations universally follow a cable management plan which easily links one panel to the next.

Elite Energies

The gradual process invariably begins with the panels male conduit locking into the female conduit.

Elite Energies Solar  Panels Ireland

From here the active installation continues with each cable carefully locking into the next over the designated roof space until the entire system is properly connected.

Elite Energies Natural Slate Roofing Solar Panels

Both conduits at either end of the cable string are connected to a junction box. This properly feeds generated DC electricity from your panels to the inverter and efficiently converts it into alternating current electricity before promptly dispatching it on to your battery storage system for later use around the home.

The Final Result
Elite Energies natural slate roofing with solar tiles
Elite Energies installed my solar tiles, battery storage system and car charger. James, Graham and Calum were a pleasure to deal with. They did a very professional job, were very tidy and I am delighted with the install. I would highly recommend them.
John O'Dwyer

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