The Elite Power-Roof
The Elite Nulok Power-Roof
On July 12, 2021

Solar Panel Tiles In Total Symmetry.

This natural slate roofing system is available for installation in a choice of slate, with or without, solar panels.

Realistically, the Elite Power-Roof is a total game changer that immediately offers the operational cost-effectiveness of ultra-modern technology & manufacturing specifications in a smooth and continuous integration.

It also boasts the superior strength of extremely robust glass front & rear solar panels (backed up by explicit guarantees we might promptly add).

This modern solar panel system’s seamless integration, together with its unique roof-line aesthetics, are totally uncompromising to the observant eye.

Zincalume Battens

Spaced at 307 mm, these patented battens are properly fastened to the buildings rafters. This is carried out in a conventional way, however; the familiar and frequent use of traditional timber battens is totally eliminated.

The entire installation process is a rapid and straightforward approach to properly installing ceramic tiles on any rooftop. The result is a modern roofing system that is extremely robust and resilient. 

The patented technology behind the composition of zincalume is distinctively unique. It is comprised of aluminum, zinc & magnesium alloy coating all of which act together in a specific number of efficient ways:

    • Magnesium, aluminum and zinc compounds are strategically positioned in the coating to provide sacrificial protection
    • Magnesium compounds encourage the formation of a robust barrier, slowing the rate of subsequent corrosion
    • Magnesium compounds also ‘activate’ the metal coating

The direct result is an efficiently tough protective coating that naturally provides enhanced corrosion resistance.

Its extraordinary ability to withstand unrelenting wear, pressure, or damage from weather elements make it highly durable. There is no doubt it is manufactured to last and research has sufficiently shown that it endures twice as long as galvanized coated material.

Zincalume is also very much recyclable and an excellent choice for environmental protection. 

Link Channels

Link channels are amply secured into appropriate place between the battens. The leading edge of each individual slate is then secured properly using a stainless steel clip.The traditional standard of double lapping the slates is eliminated because the water that is passing through the slate is routed by the link channel onto the surface of the one below.

Slate Tiles

Slate Roofing

Compared to old-fashioned processes of slate tiling, the modern method decreases the considerable number of tiles needed for your rooftop. This, in turn, makes the roof lighter in weight. This is unquestionably good news in terms of direct cost per m2 and is significant when it comes to heritage properties where beams, joists and rafters must be retained, etc.

Solar Tiles
Solar Tile Inserts

The Elite Energies Nulok Power-Roof efficiently implements the proper installation of unique solar tiles which seamlessly fit into the modern roof rather than on top of it.

Through our numerous years of extensive experience, we have learned people frequently express objections to the un-attractiveness of raised solar panels on their rooftops.

In specific terms of optics, this is exactly what naturally makes these properly completed modern installations so very special.

The fundamental integrity of your roof line remains uncompromising and in direct comparison to traditional methods of solar panel installations, weight load on the rooftop is also radically decreased. 

An Elite Energies Nulok Power-Roof Installation
Elite Power-Roof Installation
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