Largest Commercial Solarwatt System In Ireland
On January 3, 2020

Elite Energies Ireland

Thursday 28th of March 2019 was a beautiful bright sunny day in the Nations Capital City. It was also the day Elite Energies Solar Panels Ireland switched on the companies latest and ‘Ireland’s largest’ commercial PV installation for Davenahm Switchgear.


About The Company 

Davenham Switchgear Limited is a wholly owned Irish company founded in 1982. The company is based in Clondalkin, Dublin and has a modern manufacturing facility in excess of 90,000 square feet. They have become a market leaders in the design, engineering, manufacture and commissioning of electrical distribution and control solutions for major industries.

Davenham & Elite Energies Solar Panels Ireland.

The Davenham System

Solar powered electricity is delivered directly from our premium German Solarwatt glass – glass panels to a 24kW Solarwatt MyReserve storage array. The biggest of its kind installed in Ireland to date. Also pictured are the Fronius inverters that convert the solar electricity to 3 phase AC. Fronius are recgonised as world leaders and their Inverters are used across the globe!

5 Years Free Solar Panel Insurance

A Safe Bet

When it comes to performance guarantees, Solarwatt are not afraid to put their money where their mouth is. Every installation is covered for 5 years FREE insurance to protect customers from theft, damage or loss of generation power from their Solar PV system. T&C’S Apply.
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