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Discover savings and energy independence with solar panels for farming. Use the very latest solar PV technologies & quickly maximise your return on investment.

Elite Energies Solarwatt PV systems deliver clean energy, helping you lower bills and prepare your farm for the future.

As a German manufacturer, Solarwatt are at the cutting edge of technology design and the supply of premium solar panels for farmers.

They have been leaders in this industry for almost 30 years.

Solar panels for farmers

Solar Panels For Agriculture, A Lasting Legacy!

You’re a farmer – an entrepreneur building a lasting legacy for your family, committed to maximising returns from your land and property and cutting your CO2 emissions.


Upgraded Tams Grants For Solar Installations Are Now Available.

Because you invest in solar panels for farm use to generate returns and reduce the risk of costly technical failure, without doubt, you will want your PV modules to last as long as the roofs that hold them. For your independence and peace of mind, our Vision glass-glass modules are robust, reliable, long-lasting and equipped to cope with all farming environments and weather conditions.

High tech solar panels for farm buildings.

Guaranteed For Three Decades.

As a farmer you care about:

  • Sustainability – You understand environmental importance.
  • Family – You run a business with those most dear to you.
  • Independence – You value your freedom.
  • Innovation – You know tradition and modernity go together.
  • Business – You want to maximise your harvest.


Sustainable Technology

We ensure you get the most sustainable
products and technologies.

Individual Solutions

Protection from rising energy prices, plus increased independence from utilities.

Return On Investment

We provide the highest energy yields for decades, maximising energy harvest.

Return On Investment to
Grow Your Business.

Glass-glass technology, simply the very best solar panels for farming.

Our photovoltaic modules can generate up to 50 years of environmentally friendly electricity. Our advanced modules, batteries and energy management systems offer lasting protection against energy price volatility and grid failure.

That’s why there is an industry-leading 30-year warranty on product and performance, covering repair and replacement, transport and re-installation costs.

Clearly displayed in the graph, after 30 years, our modules are guaranteed to still have at least 87 % of their original output.



Robust Solar Panels On Agricultural Land For A New Generation Of Farmers.

Glass-glass technology.

The major advantage of glass-glass modules lies in the material properties themselves: glass does not age. Rigorously tested modules withstand thick snow loads, aggressive gases including ammonia plus acid rain, salt mist & hail – so energy yields remain stable, for generations to come. 

The power-generating solar cells are protected by a 2-millimeter thick glass layer on both sides. They are bonded together by lamination and as a result, both are water and airtight.  Elite Energies Solarwatt modules not only achieve a much longer service life, but also generate more electricity than conventional solar panels.

With ironclad extensive 30 year guarantees and superior manufacturing, these are the the most reliable solar panels for farmers available on the Irish market.


Delicate power generating solar cells receive maximum protection from extremely tough 2-millimeter thick glass layers on both sides of the solar panel. They are laminated and bonded together invariably producing a unit that is air and water tight.

As a direct result Elite Energies Solarwatt modules not only achieve a much longer service life, but also generate more electricity than conventional solar panels.

Interested in solar panels for farm use?

In terms of solar panels for farming, our ground systems offer a unique advantage to those with ample land mass or conversely, limited roof space.

Learn about the generous benefits of our bespoke ground mounted solar panels and their role in solar energy systems for agriculture.

Solar panels for farm buildings
The Elite Fusion 2

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