Our Work – Solar Panel Installations

    Please feel free to take a look at some of our home solar panel Installations.

    We provide Nationwide no obligation surveys and presentations where we are happy to discuss Panel Installation Cost for your home.


    Solar Panels Ireland

    No Mess, No Fuss, Solar Pannel Installations.

    We are fully trained professionals and will always consult with you before starting any work to your home.

    In terms of your solar panel installation, nothing is hidden from you. We will consult with you on exactly what is going to happen before any work commences.

    Whether that is in relation to your old hot water cylinder removal & new cylinder installation, or the placement of the photovoltaic panels on your roof, you will at all times be kept in the loop.

    Step By step

    • Designate The PV Location In Or On The Roof
    • Fit You Solar Panels Making Sure Everything Is Watertight
    • Drain & Flush The Heating System
    • Empty The Hot Water Cylinder
    • Root The Necessary Pipework
    • Install Digital Controllers
    • Install Pumps
    • Fill The System With Heat Transfer Fluid
    • Refill The Heating System
    • Flush Airlocks
    • Test Your New Photvoltaic Panels
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