Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme

Farming Eenrgy Upgrades

Elite Energies are proud to bring our expertise to the Irish Farming Community. Get Tams 2 grants for your farm by upgrading your energy!

Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme

Tams 2 Grants Are Available For Installing Solar Electric Panels. Elite Energies Will Install Panels That Will Last For Over 60 Years And Are Designed Especially For Farm Conditions.

TAMS II is the provision of grant aid to Irish Farmers who wish to make improvements through the use of equipment or build a specific range of farm buildings. Obviously in the case of Elite Energies this would relate to Solar Energy installations and upgrades. 

The scheme covers many areas in relation to infrastructure and farm safety and it is open until 2020. Young farmers and those who are farming in disadvantaged areas are being prioritised. For younger trained farmers aid is up to 60% and is at 40% in all other circumstances. 

  • Individual Maximum Spend €80,000

  • Partnership Maximum Spend €160,000

  • Minimum Spend €2000 

Tams 2 funding for Irish farmers
Testing a Solarwatt solar panel system

What We Can Do For You

PV Solar Panels – Photovoltaic Panels facilitate energy cost efficiency through the powering your farm via free Solar Energy. 

Hi Tech Smart Meters – Enabling these smart meters will allow you to monitor levels. This will give you a better understanding in terms of energy production and consumption giving you every opportunity to make more savings.

Grid Export Meter – In the future these will allow you to sell any excess electricity generation back to the grid. 

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