Solar Renewable Energy Ireland 

Renewable energy in Ireland using photovoltaic panels has a bright future! Our PV panels are powerful solar energy sun and daylight collectors made for the irish climate by Solarwatt Germany.

Glass or Foil PV – Exactly What Type Of Solar Panels Do You Need To Choose?

While our entry level PV Panels come with great warranties & guarantees plus – they are unrivaled in terms of functionality, the truth is they are not as strong as our our glass on glass solar panels.

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Foil Can Twist

Standard Glass On Foil Solar PV Panels Can Twist Causing Cell Fractures.
Installing them comes with an element of risk to the delicate solar cells inside. The weather undoubtedly has a huge effect on solar modules causing various stresses to the unit. When cells fracture, the panel just cannot perform optimally. Therefore its yield can become severely compromised resulting in irreversible damage.


  • Shorter Life Span
  • Less Guarantee
  • You Lose Money In The Long Term

Glass Is Strong Stuff

Apart From The Fact Glass Does Not Age, It Is Also Incredibly Strong!

A normal hail test only uses hailstones with a diameter of 25 mm and a speed of 85 km/h. Our manufacturing partners wanted to be certain so they upgraded the test to launch hail stones with a diameter of 45 mm at the module at 110 km/h. Conclusion: not even a scratch! They are rigorously lab tested & proven sustainability in the field!

  • Proven Technology
  • Quick Installation
  • A Clever Solar Energy Investment
Elite Solar Energy


Elite Energies PV Panels

Renewable Energy Ireland & European Manufacturing

Made For Us By Solarwatt, The Same People Connected To The BMW Group Germany!

The two glass layers on the front and back of our modules reliably prevent intrusion of moisture or aggressive acidic substances. This protects the high-performance (PERC) cells inside the modules from premature aging or malfunctioning. Double sided glass makes these panels extremely sturdy.

  • Longer Life Span
  • 60 Year Product Design Life
  • Aesthetically Pleasing

Ready To Meet Our Solar Energy Products?

Elite Energies Have 3 Levels Of Entry For Our Solarwatt PV Panel Products. Feel Free To Learn More!

The Elite Edge + Pylontech Battery

Glass on foil pv panels

The Elite Edge Glass On Foil Panel Is Strong And Powerful. This Is Our Entry Level Product.

The Elite Evolve + LG Resu Battery

Glass on glass solar pv

The Elite Evolve Glass On Glass Panel Is Exceptionally Strong & Powerful. This Is Our Mid Entry Panel.

The Elite Exceed + Solarwatt Battery

Glass on glass pv panels

The Elite Exceed Glass On Glass Panel Is Exceptionally Strong & Powerful. Our Best Selling Top Entry Panel.


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