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In terms of Solar Energy, PV panels are fast becoming the go to domestic and commercial Renewable Energy product globally.

A Few Pointers

Photovoltaic or ‘PV’ panels are integral components to each and every Elite Energies installation. This is why we have partnered with Solarwatt who are Europe’s only complete systems provider and the same company who are connected to the BMW Group. There are several factors you need to take into account in order to produce maximum electricity from your solar panels. 

  • Choose The Proper Hardware
  • The Size Of The System
  • Your Home Or Business Location
  • The Direction In Which The Panels Are Fitted & Facing
  • Our Elite Team Will Assist You When Planning Your System

We Would Like To Dispel The Myth That PV Solar Panels Do Not Work In Ireland.

Elite Energies Solarwatt Glass On Glass Solar PV Panels not only work perfectly well in the Irish climate, they have a 60 year design life and are also guaranteed for 30 years! It is a known fact that the suns rays, even through cloud cover, convey more energy to our planet in just one hour than is used globally in one year. It makes perfect sense that we should harness this renewable energy through solar power and at every possible opportunity.


Elite Energies Solarwatt Solar PV Panels
Elite Energies Solar Panel Cells

On The Inside

Contained inside our Photovoltaic modules are individual Solar Cells which run parallel to each other on the length & width of each unit. All of the internal cells are interconnected and harness energy from the suns radiation, even through cloud cover. Our Solarwatt Panels are so far advanced technologically – they also utilise daylight to gather energy. This is why they are also refereed to as ‘Daylight Collectors’. Typically, our Solar Panel installations are roof mounted and are applied to homes and businesses alike. Partnering with Solarwatt gives us a distinct advantage over most of our competitors and its is just one of the reasons why we are Ireland’s leading Solar Energy Equipment suppliers.

Glass On The Outside

Our top selling Solar product is the Elite Exceed which is protected externally by a layer of glass on the front and rear of the panel. We cannot understate the benefits of a Glass on Glass Solar Panel. Glass is a super strong and sturdy material that simply does not age. It reliably offers maximum protection to the internal Solar Cells against the intrusion of moisture and acidic substances plus our panels have undergone rigorous field testing at Solarwatt and can withstand huge hailstone impact.

Solarwatt glass on glass solar panels
Elite Energies Solar PV

Higher Than Most Output

Output Varies from one supplier to another. While we supply both Glass on Foil and Glass on Glass Solar Panels, the latter are by far the strongest and our best selling panels. The Elite Exceed panels from Solarwatt  will supply 1,200 watts in the same surface area that many of our competitors will supply 1000 watts to. This allows for more energy from the same roof space. 

PV Solar Panels will supplement your electricity & work in exactly the same way as your ESB supply. With a no mess no fuss installation, Elite Energies together with Solarwatt will control your energy bills for years to come. They are guaranteed with long life production output warranties.​

Elite Energies Solar PV Panels working in your home


Solarwatt Panels are simply the toughest in the world!

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Your Elite Energies Solarwatt Panel gathers energy not only from the sun but it also uses daylight, even through cloud cover. They are remarkably tough Solar Panels that come with exceptional warranties.




A switch to cut off all electricity in the case of emergencies.

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This is a safety device that allows your electricity supply to be switched off in the event of any emergencies in your home.




Fronius, are world renowned inverter manufacturers.

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Your systems inverter converts DC electricity into AC electricity for storage and use around your home.




The fuse box is used in the set up of your Solar Panel System.

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Your system is connected directly to to your homes fuse box which is a control panel for the entire electrical system of a house.




Super powered batteries, store your free electricity for later use.

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Electricity is then sent to and stored in your Elite Solar Battery System for use when ever you need it.




From your Elite Energies Solar Panels, it’s renewable and free.

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Congratulations, your new Elite Energies Solar Panel System is now generating free electricity directly from your your rooftop. You are now saving on annual energy bills while cutting down on emissions.




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