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Welcome to the Elite Energies blog. Here we shall endeavour to keep the country posted with solar energy information.

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Elite Energies Solar PV Ireland


We give Irish homeowners the power to generate their own domestic supply of free electricity through the use of our premium Solarwatt glass on glass solar panels. These panels come with airtight 30 year warranties and 30 year product guarantees (the industry standard is just 10 years)

Insurance: They are also accompanied by 5 years free insurance to protect customers from theft, damage (even by the customer) or loss of generation power from the PV system. Insurance t&c’s apply.


Free electricity gathered from your panels is directed to, and stored using our Solarwatt battery system. The battery is modular which means that as more power is required – more batteries and command packs can be added to the system. This makes them ideal not only for domestic but also commercial applications. Your new battery system also stores free electricity for later use which means nothing gets wasted or is sent back to the grid plus – you always have the option to sell surplus electricity back to the grid (where applicable)


Installing an Elite Energies solar panel system will give you the power to heat water in your home at drastically lower costs than using those of traditional heating methods. This is with the added advantage of not having to change your existing immersion as the panel system will easily connect to your homes cylinder.


Elite Energies pv panels easily connect to your existing heating radiators and underground heating systems. Yet again, you are in complete control of your energy distribution with the free electricity you have gathered (as it is now stored in the battery system for later use around the home). However, old and traditional radiators may not be entirely efficient when it comes to heat distribution. This is why we recommend our intelligent next generation smart electric heaters available with the Elite Fusion 2 complete solar package.

30 year guarantee on our solar panels


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