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Solar Panel Price Financing With Flexi-Fi – A Clever Move!

If you you’ve been searching for Solar Panel Cost Prices have a look at this finance offer. From this page you can get a quote on the cost of finance or go right ahead and apply. Its easy to submit an application and get approval for your Solar Panel Loan in minutes!

Elite Energies Solar Panel Loans Made Easy

You’ve carried out all the searches right? ‘Solar Panels For sale’ Solar Panel Cost’ ‘Solar Panel Price’ and on and on. If you have landed on this page as a result of those searches well you are in luck. We have teamed up with Flexi-Fi to make solar financing options incredibly fast and simple. Loans for Solar Energy have never been easier to realise and with lucrative grants available from Government there really has never been a better time to avail of some great rates.

What Is Flexi-Fi?

Its an online retail installment payment plan facility. You select the goods, them amount and the plan.

Why Use It?

Its a simplistic alternative to using cash or credit cards to pay for your solar panel installation.

Is It difficult?

No. The application is performed in a few simple steps. You are in total control at all times.

What Exactly Do I Need To Apply ?

An application is easy but of coursse there are minimum requirements.

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​You will need to provide:

  • Your Email Address

  • Your Residential Address 

  • Your Phone Number

  • Proof Of  PPS Number The Credit Reporting Act 2013 states clearly that you must provide proof of PPS Number & Address. * all correspondence must be dated within the last 3 months

Are There Any Hidden Surprises?

Nothing is hidden from you at all!

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It is completley up front and honest!

  • Depending on the chosen plan, application fees may be required on approval

  • A monthly fee will be required to run your account

  • All fees are included in your credit & payments scheduled transactions

  • These itemised payment schedules let you know exactly how much you are paying

It really is very simple and as long as you stick to your payments plan, you will know how many payments you need to make.

You will always be aware of the total amount payable throughout your term. 

Is There Preferred Proof Documentation ?

There are some preferences when it comes to proof documentation.

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Please be prepared to supply:

  • Most recent payslip as proof of your PPS number

  • Most recent bank statement as proof of address


Do Flexi-Fi Accept Other Documentation As Proof ?

Yes, they do! So long as it is dated within the last 3 months.

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So long as all correspondence are dated within the last 3 months:

  • Most recent P60 /P45

  • P21, Tax Assessment or Notice of Tax Credits

  • Correspondence from Revenue / Dept of Social Protection

If there is clear identification of your address on the document you have provided for proof of PPS, that will do. If not – you will need to provide one of the following:

  • Utility or phone bill

  • Correspondence from any other statutory body or state agency

  • Correspondence from an insurance company in respect of a policy currently in force

  • Correspondence from Revenue/Dept of Social Protection

More information relating to applying for credit is available on the Central Credit Register or

visit FLEXI – FI here

Ready To Look At Your Solar Panel Cost & Financing Options?

There are two options for solar panel financing available to you below. A quick quote enables you to input the amount you wish to seek for your solar panel loan. The other is to go right ahead and submit your application. If you are unclear please dont hesitate to contact us, we are happy to guide you through the process of applying for solar power finance.


Just click the button below to be directed over to Flexi-Fi. Then just type in an amount you would like to be financed and let them do the rest. It takes a couple of minutes!


If you are ready to apply for your finance package on-line, it also takes just a couple of minutes. Identification will be required & you must be over 18 years of age with a provable Income of €21.000 or more.

Solar PV Loans Made Easy

We Will Assist You Every Step Of The Way With Your Application!

If you would like us to help you with an application simply get in touch, we are happy to help.


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