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Grants Are Now Available For Solar Panels


Government Solar panel energy grants for homeowners are available to our customers. There has never been a better time to apply for solar panel funding. The Elite Energies team will also take care of the paperwork so you dont have to!

Applying For Solar Panels Grants? We Do All The Paperwork For You. Simple!

The Irish Government are currently assisting homeowners by offering cash grants for solar panels. We are on hand to offer assistance every step of the way! This is why we take care of the application for you – so you have absolutely no paperwork to do and with no mess, no fuss installations, there really is no hassle!

Solar Grants To Date
Grants To Date

Since 2011 the Seaí have invested over €400 million into sustainable energy projects

Energy Savings
Energy Savings To Date

€1billion + Cumulative energy savings

Community Projects To Date
Community Projects To Date

Since 2011 the Seaí have invested over 230 community projects

About The Seaí

Their vision as is ours – is for clean, affordabl, secure & sustainable energy in the country. In order to reach this potential we must use far less energy than we currently do by innovating and moving to clean and renewable energy solutions.

We believe that to do so we need to move from a situation where sustainable energy is the concern of committed individuals, communities, businesses and public bodies to one where the great majority of citizens participate in the transition to a more sustainable energy future.

Ireland’s energy will be sustainable, secure, affordable and clean. SEAI will be central to bringingabout a low carbon economy through measures and activities focused on the transition to a smarter and more sustainable energy future.

Deciding Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Home Renovation Incentive

Tax credits of 13.5% for home renovations and improvements.

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Apart from the obvious gain solar panels will bring to your energy consumption, there is also a substantial gain to be made from this tax break. The initiative was launched by the Irish government and offers tax credits of 13.5% for home renovations and improvements. 

Please Note

You cannot claim for any work carried out or paid for after 31 December 2018.

The only exception to this closing date is if planning permission was in place by 31 December 2018. If so, work carried out between 1 January 2019 and 31 March 2019 will qualify for the relief.

The Home Renovation Incentive (HRI) is a relief from Income Tax (IT) for homeowners, landlords and local authority tenants. You can claim the HRI Tax Credit for repairs, renovations and improvements to your home or rental property.

To be eligible for HRI:

The HRI is an online only scheme for homeowners and landlords. If you pay tax through PAYE, you can use Revenues myAccount to claim the HRI Tax Credit. If you pay tax through self-assessment, use Revenue Online Service (ROS) to claim the HRI Tax Credit.

If you are a local authority tenant you should contact your Revenue office.

Solar PV Rebate

€700 grants available to homeowners for each kW of solar PV installed up to 2kW.

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In terms of annual savings, a photovoltaic solar system can save the homeowner an average of €200 to €300 by reducing the costs of electricity bills. The Seai offer Irish homeowners a rebate supporting PV installations and solar battery storage systems.


  • Available to dwellings built & occupied before 2011
  • Not available to dwellings where Seai have previously provided support for solar pv at that address
  • Available for all new PV installations from Tuesday 31st July 2018

You can get €700 for each kW of solar PV installed up to 2kW. This “kW” is the power output of the panel. Most homes typically install 1.5 to 2kW solar system which is equal to about 6 panels. Taking the example of a 6 panel system with an output of 1.8kW, this would be eligible for 1.8 x €700 = €1,260

Better Energy Homes Scheme

Home improvements relating to insulation, energy consumption & fuel efficiency.

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This scheme offers grants to homeowners wanting to make home improvements relating to insulation, energy consumption & fuel efficiency. As we fit and install solar panels & and hot water cylinders/boilers, this grant is available to our customers.​​

You must have grant approval before you buy materials or start any grant-funded work. If you have already started work, you will not be eligible for a grant. Once approved, you have 6 months to get the works done and claim the grant.

To qualify for a grant you must:

  • Be the owner of a dwelling built before 2006 for insulation and heating control systems
  • Be the owner of a dwelling built before 2011 for heat pump and solar thermal grants
  • Use a registered contractor which we are
  • Use newly fitted materials and products
  • Have work done that complies with the required standards
  • Have a BER carried out after the works are done
  • Use a BER assessor from SEAI’s National Register

Heat Pump Grant

Transform the comfort level in your home with a substantial heat pump grant

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In a well insulated dwelling, the installation of a heat pump can dramatically increase your domestic comfort levels. If we compare heat pumps to the average fridge, in terms of functionality, both are very similar in that your heat pump converts energy from the air outside the house into useful heat while your fridge extracts heat from its inside. Our heat pumps are extremely economical to run and are a superb and very efficient alternative to solid fuel, oil & gas home heating systems

  • Reduce your heating bills by improving your energy efficiency
  • No more burning fossil fuels, so you are supporting the environment by reducing your carbon emissions. 

Air Source Heat Pumps

At Elite Energies we use air to water heat pumps which are the most common installations nationally. Using an external unit they extract heat from the outside air and there is no requirement to use underground pipes to extract heat, this makes them far cheaper to install than air to ground pumps.

Grant Available



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