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Solar panels for commercial buildings are very much a reality in Ireland. Elite Energies have already installed the largest Solarwatt system in the country.

Solar Panels for Irish businesses

Smart Business!

Reducing your companies carbon emissions will ultimately improve your buildings energy rating and have a positive effect on the environment.

The Largest Solarwatt PV Commercial Storage System In The Country!

Davenham Switchgear Ltd., are currently utilising free energy from our Commercial Solar Panel Installation. Their Clonalkin premises spans 80,000 square feet and now boasts a powerful Solarwatt glass/glass PV system with the largest Solarwatt MyReserve battery storage installed in Ireland to date.  While reducing their carbon footprint they are also creating good community and social awareness for their business. 

Size Doesnt Matter

Regardless of your companies size, Commercial Solar Energy Systems will reduce your electricity bills. Obviously, these savings will impact positively on your overall business.

Operating Costs & Maintenance 

More good news! As is the case for the domestic market, Solar Panel’s for the commercial sector have zero moving parts. For the consumer this means there are less chances of breakages and much less maintenance. The system operates quietly and cleanly while generating free electricity for you.

Financial Assistance

Government Incentives are available to businesses seeking commercial solar companies. It really is a very smart move as investing in commercial solar panels over the long term will generate savings for your company and ultimately pay you back over a very quick time period.

Protect Your Business

Lets look at it objectively. A commercial solar panel installation means that your company will be using much less if any fossil fuels. Reducing greenhouse gasses and less climate polluting is the name of the game in the times we now live in. Being a sustainable energy company will bring your company so many pluses and on many different fronts too. It will also further protect you spiking energy costs in the future.

Our Products Are Triple E Rated & Qualify For The ACA

What Is Triple E?

It is a register that allows you to search for a list of efficient energy products that must meet certain criteria to get listed.

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Categorised under 10 broad-ranging headings and over 50 technologies, to date, there are over 21 thousand products on the register.

Checking against this register will ensure the products you come across are are of a ‘best-in-class’ energy equipment standard. To put that into context, in terms of efficiency, Elite Energies products on the triple E register perform within the top 15% of similar products.

We really are a very good choice when it comes to Solar Paneles for the commercial sector. 

What Is the ACA?

The ACA (Accelerated Capital Allowance) is a tax incentive aimed at the promotion of Triple E registered equipment.

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It makes allowances for the business owner to write down the cost of triple E rated equipment. In contrast to the standard plant & machinery capital allowances, which is 8 years, this scheme offers lucrative incentives for sole traders & companies through a write down, in the first year of your solar energy equipment purchase. 

As a sole trader, commercial company or farmer, you can offset the value of your energy equipment investment, in full, against your profits.

If you are intersted in commercial solar energy systems for your business we can easily guide you through the entire ACA application process.

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