Operate your very own power station directly from panels on your roof top and a free electricity supply for use around your home! Elite Energies PV solar panels Ireland!

Powerful & Sustainable Solar Energy Panels

There are lots of benefits to investing in renewable solar powered energy, not least cutting down on your energy bills. You will also reduce your carbon footprint and improve your homes ber rating. Furthermore, solar energy collectors require little maintenance and will last a very long time.

Elite Energies pv solar panels ireland

Glass Simply Does Not Age! 

Put simply, glass on glass solar panels have 2 pieces of extremely tough glass, back & front.

The net result of this manufacturing means, the delicate solar cells between the glass panels are not under any mechanical stress as the panel cannot twist which is in stark contrast to standard glass on foil solar panels.

Glass is robust, durable and exceptionally strong!


The distinct advantages are

Glass glass panels are extremely robust against external environmental influences. They are in a league of their own in terms of how long they last and as such, are backed up by superb guarantees. They are lightweight in comparison to conventional glass on foil solar modules and are uncomplicated when it comes to installations – this is why we install them as standard with The Elite Fusion 2 complete photovoltaic solar energy system.

The following attributes cleary set glass on glass modules far apart from those of standard (typically Asian) manufacturing:

  • 2mm thick glass panes on front and rear
  • Lightweight with simple installation
  • Highest yield reliability
  • Maximum levels of mechanical endurance
  • 100% protection against PID (potential-induced degradation)
  • Maximum fire resistance
  • 30-year product guarantee + warranty
  • 60-year product design life


Solarwatt & Elite Energies pv solar panels ireland

Manfacturing Excellence

Solarwatt are, without doubt, a German power hose when it comes to manufacturing solar panels and solar battery storage systems.

They are undisputed European leaders who supply their products worldwide.

With superb warranties and guarantees Elite Energies PV solar panels Ireland’ can stake our reputations on their solar products and are proud to be partners of this global giant.

Their vision of indestructibility

Solarwatt renewable energy systems are globally recognised for premium quality assurance. In addition to this, their solar panels are tested in real world environment situations using Asymmetrical diagonal loading.

Using this method, for example, a compressive (higher) load is applied to the lower side of the panel to simulate snow sliding down.

The ultra modern design is more than capable of withstanding enormous amounts of stress and is strong enough for fully grown adults to walk over them without causing any damage whatsoever to the extremely delicate and valuable solar cells inside the unit.

The panels are subjected to hailstorm tests with hail measuring up to 25-mm and strike speeds of 83 km/h. Again with no damage caused to the cells inside.

The glass laminates also offer supreme protection against salt spray and during tests for such displayed zero electrical or mechanical abnormalities.

Our team will travel nationwide to meet in your home or place of business (Saturdays included) and will spend around two hours with you to provide a full solar panel cost proposition and quotation.




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