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Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Central Heating & Hot Water From Solar Panels

The Elite Fusion 2 photovoltaic solar energy system combines everything you need to produce, store & redirect 100% free electricity directly from solar pv.

A Smart Renewable Energy Investment

Investing in solar energy products has never been so important, especially when we consider product quality and system costing. It is therefore critical, that as a consumer you are able to make the right choices when choosing not only photovoltaic solar panels and related products, but also the correct solar power energy company for the installation. Elite Energies have a proven track record and a work ethic that is second to none.

Solar Energy- Central Heating Heating & Hot Water

100% Reliable Smart Solar Power Technology

The Elite Fusion 2 incorporates smart technology in a network of high end renewable energy components which ultimately supplies the consumer with 100% free electricity delivered from solar panels. It is an inverter driven solar pv and battery storage system which produces, enhances, stores and redirects; the energy you capture on your rooftop to provide you with central heating and hot water from solar power.

System Components

  • Solarwatt Photovoltaic Glass On Glass Panels
  • Solarwatt My Reserve Battery Storage
  • Fronius Inverter
  • Eddi Power Controller
  • Lucht LHZ Intelligent Electric Radiator
Solar Energy Solar Panels - Elite Energies
Elite Energies photovoltaic solar panels heating and hot water
Why Choose The Elite Fusion 2 Solar Panels System ?

  • Solarwatt PV Solar Panels: We only install these superior German built glass on glass modules. This company are longstanding solar energy manufacturers who are affiliated to the world renowned BMW Group.
  • Solar Power Battery Storage: The Fusion 2 Solar PV system once again utilises Solarwatt manufacturing. The MyReserve battery module offers renewable energy storage superiority at a level that is simply unrivalled.
  • Inverter Driven Technology: We provide Austrian built Fronius inverters. Fronius products are used globally. They have been in business since 1945 and this esteemed company are renowned for quality and reliability.
  • Roof Mounts: Our roof mounting systems are provided by the swiss manufacturer Schweizer who are a leading metal construction company offering a wide range of quality products for the building industry.
  • Intelligent Radiators: We install Lucht LHZ smart electric radiators. These are energy-saving and emission-free solutions for high levels of comfort, cosiness, design, reliability and cost efficiency. Once again we have chosen German manufacturers with a world renowned reputation.
  • Smart Control: We install the Eddi Solar power diverter for free water and heating using excess energy from your solar PV system
  • Smart Monitoring: Through the integration of simple smart phone and tablet Apps you are able to control and monitor your free solar energy consumption


Why All This Matters To You:

As prospective buyers Elite Energies have carried out comprehensive appraisals of our solar pv suppliers to establish and evaluate their standing and reputations in the supply of solar power products to the renewable energy sector.

  • Manufacturers:  German photovoltaic solar energy manufacturing quality is simply world renowned
  • Guarantees: The solar pv warranties are actionable and real with no quibble, same day part replacement if necessary, even when the issue was caused by the customer
  • Execution: The solar energy performance guarantees are vastly superior to those offered by other manufacturers
  • Support: You get superb technical support
  • Monitoring : Easy to use Apps to manage your solar panels system


The Elite Fusion 2 solar energy Carbon Free Solar PV

Fully Qualified Renewable Energy Installation Professionals

Our elite Team are reliable & competent professionals who carry out their work diligently and expertly with minimum disruption to the homeowner. Our staff and management have acquired unparalleled experience installing solar systems and have fitted them in homes and businesses right across the country. Elite Energies are now a serious competitor in the Irish markert.



The Elite Fusion 2 renewable solar energy

A No Mess & No Fuss 3 To 4 Day Installation Process

The process of installing the Fusion 2 Solar Energy system is clean and non invasive work. It usually completes in around 3 to 4 days. The net result is a life time of clean solar power comfort with all the benefits of the extensive financial savings on energy and carbon taxes which naturally offsets against Solar Panel Cost.




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