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We are leading installers of Hot Water cylinders in Ireland. We stock copper & stainless steel cylinders / immersion tanks. So whether your requirement is simply for a boiler replacement or for installation as part of a solar package, we have you covered.

The Elite Hotspur, Rapid Hot Water.

10 Times Faster Than Standard Cylinders!

We realised that people need a system that delivers hot water efficiently so Elite Energies invented and patented the Elite Hostspur Hot water cylinder. Both groundbreaking and very intelligent the concept is actually quite simple. The HotSpur heats a smaller volume of water through our very own funneled heated system and it directs the heat to where its really needed. Using only a fraction of the energy, you are now receiving lightening fast hot water and as we’ve mentioned already, ten times faster than traditional hot water heaters, saving you time and money!

Hot water cylinder

Supplied vented or unvented, the Elite Energies HotSpur Water Cylinder offers a patented heat exchange system that combines a radically innovative new approach to hot water storage together with traditional domestic boiler methods. It’s clever design allows it to decrease the start-up and recovery thermal response times and so reduces stored energy losses. The concept was to produce a smart cylinder that delivers hot water rapidly. The reality is exactly that. Our heat exchanger was designed to provide the user with speedier response times to their demands for hot water through the cylinders encouragement of thermal stratification in stored water.

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The funneled exchanger has the ability to rapidly transfer heat to water. This process occurs through a supremely efficient finned coil which then makes contact with a reduced volume of water. The heat exchanger temperature inlet is kept as low as possible, increasing the efficiency of the syste. The net result is the delivery of extremely fast Hot Water. By quickly increasing its temperature just prior to encouraging it to rise away from the heat exchange chamber, the water cylinder is capable of simultaneously drawing cooler water into the Heat Exchanger through the implemention of natural buoyancy that occurs between water that is hot & cold.

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What is crucial about this cylinder is that the hot water is not directed through cold water as is the case with traditional immersion boilers (as demonstrated below). The funnel instead shoots the hot water directly to the point of extraction, or in other words, your taps, shower etc! Hot water is delivered to you very quickly! Copper also meets a large percentage of the European recycle demand which makes it very sustainable and environmentally friendly. It is actually the most recycled plumbing material. The fact that copper ions are very much present means protection in the destruction of the potential for Legionella bacteria and Legionnaires’ disease.

The Elite Hotspur, Versus Standard Boilers.

No Competition Whatsoever!

When it bools down to (pun intended) how domestic cylinders heat water, the hotSpur is in a league of its own. This is especially true when we consider that standard domestic boilers take hours to heat water. This is in total contrast to ten minutes, which is what it takes for the Elite hotSpur to heat water from a free solar energy supply on your roof. It really is a hot water cylinder fit for a new age of solar powered energy.

How water boiler cylinder

Traditional hot water cylinders are so inefficient you lose up to 40% of your annual hot water! They heat water at the bottom of the cylinder. This means heated water has to travel through cold water before it reaches the taps & showers! This is bad, very bad! Already heated on the bottom of the cylinder, the hot water must then stratify to the top by travelling through all the cold water.This is why we invented a new cylinder!

Hot water cylinder immersion tank


This system was dsigned by us and is patented protected! The hotspur will deliver up to 70% of your annual hot water from free daylight & sunlight solar energy! The hostpurs node is how we heat the water inside our cylinders special dome and transfer it to the top. The heat exchanger inlet temperature is kept as low as possible, increasing the efficiency of the system. Hot water supply in minutes from free solar power system energy! 

Hot water cylinder


Thanks to our unique technology we have changed the way you get hot water toyour taps and showers for ever! The Elite Hostspur provides you with hot water on demand! When we consider that standard hot water cylinders, using sunlight only solar panels, take up to 3 hours to heat your water, we quickly realise that annual energy savings, based on hot water delivered in 10 minutes compared to 3 hours, would have to be substantial. 

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