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Air To Water Source Heat Pumps

With grants available the cost of installing a Heat Pump is less than you might imagine. Fit your home with a sustainable water heating alternative. Air to water source heat-pumps convert thermal energy in the air we breathe into renewable (heat) green energy which is used to provide your home with a sustainable heating alternative while delivering exceptional performance. They are inverter driven with weather compensation settings.

Renewable, Reliable & Sustainable 

Elite Energies home heat pump solutions are air to water source systems that are designed to deliver consistent heat outputs even at very low external temperatures. The systems renewable advantages can also aid Irish homeowners achieving Part L compliance as per building regulations. Available in outputs of 6, 10 & 16kw, they encompass smart design features such as weather compensation modulators and a heating element in the base that stops ice forming in cold weather conditions. The units are extraordinarily well manufactured in a compact design and have a ErP rating of A++.

Full Retrofit On Existing Heating

  • Radiators
  • Underfloor

Seaí Grant Available €3,500.00

The Irish Government are providing grants towards the Cost Of Heat Pump system installations. Get in touch with us if you would like some assistance with the grant application process. We’d be happy to help.

Air to water source heat pump

Yes! They are powerful cost effective alternatives to the usual methods of heating your home. Our range of heat-pumps are capable of operating at far greater capacities during low ‘external atmospheric temperatures’ plus they function at extremely low levels of operating noise while delivering maximum output. Compared to traditional heating methods our inverter driven pumps offer renewable energy superiority even at outside temperatures as low as -20°C.

Put simply, they convert the air we breathe into heat. This process is completely energy renewable plus environmentally friendly and eliminates a great deal of dependence on fossil fuels. Elite Energies heat pumps offer an environmentally and economically sustainable alternative to the traditional ways of heating your home while dramatically lowering your carbon foot print and of course, reducing your annual home energy bills!

Heat pump


Absolutely. The Elite Energies heat pump system uses energy (heat) gathered from the atmosphere (air) in what is described as ‘wet system heating’ or radiators and underfloor heating. In a nutshell, it is ustilising the same process that domestic fridges use, which is a vapor compression cycle that extracts heat. In the systems evaporator, refrigerants with low boiling points come into exposure with external air temperatures. From here it is boiled off into a gas which then absorbs the latent heat energy of the air.

The gas is now put through a compression process which expands the heat content of the refrigerant. It is then passed through a heat exchanger and condenses back to liquid while heat is transferred to the water of your heating system. The refrigerant is now repeated through the same cycle and recirculated through the hat pumps evaporator.

It is needless to point out that this process is entirely renewable and fundamentally, it reduces the amount of harmful greenhouse gasses being omitted by the Irish householder while at the same time, improves the homes BER rating.

Heat pump system


Without a doubt! When we compare traditional heating methods to that of our air to water heat pumps, Irish home owners can really benefit by creating annual savings on their domestic fuel bills. Lets put this into perspective; based on factors such as temperature flow and climate conditions at the time, our heat pumps can realise over four times the amount of energy for each KW of electricity. If your home is generating this type of heat from a clean renewable energy source, you are clearly going to be less dependent on fossil fuels and even better, less susceptible to spiraling fuel costs.

So through the provision of both heat and hot water for the household, our range of heat pumps have superior levels of operating efficiency and especially at much lower temperatures while also offering much larger outputs to contend with property sizes. They function at extremely low levels of noise too.

They are quite simply thew most powerful inverter driven Air To Water Source Heat Pumps on the Irish market today.



Key Features

A Cost Effective Renewable Alternative To Traditional Off-Gas Heating Methods.

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  • Base Tray Element
  • Dc Twin Rotary Compressor
  • High Efficiency Plate Heat Exchanger
  • In-Built Weather Compensation
  • Simple Plumbing And Electrical Connections
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • A++ Rated At Both 35°C And 55°C.
  • Complies With Part L Of Building Regulations
  • Dc Fan Motor
  • Dc Inverter Driven
  • Dc Pump
  • Mcs Approved
  • R410 Refrigerantns



Heat pump cost


This Vortex-Air Hybrid Heat Pump has been designed & manufactured to maximise efficiency through the use of the systems advanced controls. Whether using the pump for heat or oil or both in combination, the system can automatically monitor temperatures and will switch to the most effective heating means using four unique operating modes.

  1. Heat Pump only at lower flow temperatures between 35OC – 55OC for space heating (DHW fixed at 60oC)
  2. The Heat Pump & Oil Boiler when combined at lower flow temperatures of between 40OC – 50OC
  3. Heat Pump and Oil Boiler when combined at the higher flow temperatures of up to 70 OC
  4. Oil Boiler with higher flow temperatures up to 70OC and little heat pump contribution.

Its obvious that working in this fashion, the homeowner can see a significant reduction in costs because the pump is able to offer real contributions to the heating requirements of the home.


Vortex Hybrid Benefits

Maximise Overall System Efficiency, With The Use Of An Advanced Control System.

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  • 16kW ASHP partnered to a 15-21kW or 21-26kW oil boiler (yellow flame)
  • Boiler functions as a stand-alone system which can be installed internally or externally
  • Can also be partnered to a 15-21kW or 21-26kW unique blue flame oil boiler
  • Complies with Part L of the building regulations
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Ideal for new-build and retrofit applications
  • It is fully pre-plumbed and wired
  • It is meter ready
  • Boiler can be used for heat before the heat pump is applied
  • The homeowners property always has back-up heating
  • The systems heat pump is always fitted externally
  • The vortex system offers the householder a choice of fuel types
  • You have an option to switch manually between hybrid and oil


Air To Water Source Heat Pumps – FAQ


What Are Air To Water Pumps?

There Are Two Types Of Air Source Heat Pump – Air To Air Plus Air To Water Pumps. We currently deal with Air to water source only. 

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Elite Energies stock, supply and install Air to Water Source Heat-Pumps that convert thermal energy in the air we breathe into renewable green energy heat that can be used to provide hot water. This is a cost effective alternative to traditional heating methods. Homes using our generators will have a lower dependency on fossil fuels. 

Do You Have Domestic Cylinders?

Yes we do. We Have A Range Of Duplex Stainless Steel & Copper Cylinders For Use With Heat Pumps Systems.

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Elite Energies stock a range of Stainless Steel Cylinders that are specific to our Air to Water Source Heat Pumps. These cylinders use a larger Primary Coil which results in a far speedier transfer of heat. The cylinders are available in indirect single coil and indirect twin coil versions which range from 200 to 300 litres. With very conveniently located compression fittings on the cylinders, installation is straight forward, quick and easy.

What Are The System Guarantees?

5 Years From The Date Of Installation, Unless The Installation Is More Than 6 Months From The Date Of Purchase.

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Assuming the installation is not more than six months from the initial purchase, our heat pump generators are guaranteed for five years from the install date. In the case of the former, the guarantee will commence six months from the date of purchase.

  • The Guaranteed Period Will Be:
    Five Years (Excluding Consumable Items)
  • If Registration Of The Heat Pump Occurs Within 30 Days Post Installation
  • Subjected To Annual Servicing
  • Installed As Per Manufacturers Guidelines & Instructions
  • Commissioned And Submitted To Grant Engineering Ireland Ltd.


VortexAir Hybrid Range –  FAQ

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