The Elite fusion 2

The Elite Fusion 2 System combines everything you need to produce, store and redirect Free Electricity directly from our Solar Panels to provide you with Central Heating & Hot Water.

An Unrivaled Solar Powered System 

Solar Powered Central Heating Heating & Hot Water

Smart 100% Reliable Technology

Investing in Elite Energies Solar Panel Products is a smart choice. When it comes to Renewable Energy we are offering a complete Solar Energy System that surpasses anything currently available to Irish homeowners. The Elite Fusion 2 incorporates a network of high end components manufactured by world leading industry giants. It is an inveter driven Photovoltaic and Solar Battery Storage System which enhances, stores, and redirects the energy you capture on your rooftop to provide you with Central heating and Hot water.

System Components

The Elite Fusion 2 comprises of an integral network of components:

Solarwatt Glass On Glass Panels 
Solarwatt My Reserve Battery Storage
Fronius Inverter
Eddi Power Controller
Lucht LHZ Intelligent Electric Radiator 



Solar heating and hot water
World Leading Manufacturers

As Solar PV Ireland experts, we are more than proud to have aligned ourselves with European Manufacturers who have long standing and highly prestigious reputations across the globe.

  • Solarwatt are leading German Solar Panel, Battery Storage & Remote Monitoring Systems manufacturers who are also aligned with The BMW GROUP.
  • Fronious are also German and have been in business since 1945. Their inverters are used around the world and are renowned for reliability.
  • My Energi’s mission is to change the world through green technology and save customers money on their energy bills. To this end the Eddi Controller does exactly that.
  • Lucht LHZ are yet again a German company who are pioneering the latest technology in Smart & Intelligent Electric Heaters which can be powered from Elite Energies Solar Panels.


The Elite Fusion 2 Carbon Free Solar PV

Fully Qualified Professionals

Our Elite Solar Panels Ireland Team are reliable & competent professionals who carry out their work diligently and expertly with minimum disruption to the homeowner. Our staff and management have acquired unparalleled experience installing PV Solar Panels and have fitted them in homes and businesses right across the country. Elite Energies are now a serious competitor in the Solar PV Ireland market.



The Elite Fusion 2 Carbon Free Solar PV

3 To 4 Day Installation

The process of installing the Fusion 2 is very clean non invasive work. It usually completes in around 3 to 4 days. The net result is a life time of clean carbon free comfort with all the benefits of the extensive financial savings on energy and carbon taxes which naturally offsets against Solar Panel Cost.



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