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Eddi Controller

The Eddi controller is an energy management system for use with our PV Solar Panels. Heat water or rooms rather than exporting electricity back to the grid.

An Automatic Power Controller For Heaters

Fundamentally, Eddi is an energy management unit that works in conjunction with Renewable Energy systems like Elite Energies Solar Panels. It functions by distributing energy that has been produced from your PV Panels towards heating rooms or water in your home. Because this energy is being redirected means it is not lost to the grid. More savings for you!

Eddi controller for use with Solar Panels

Smart Technology

The Eddi controller is a very clever piece of technology that enables you to consume every last bit of the precious Green Energy you have created from your PV Solar Panel Installation. Put simply, it diverts power to your hot water system. This energy, which is free electricity your PV Panels have generated, would otherwise be lost and sent back out to the grid.

All this redirected surplus power has been proven to make very significant savings to the average householders annual energy bill.




Eddi controller for use with Solar Panels
Absolute Control

Rest assured in the knowledge that all the free electricity being produced from your PV Solar Panels is being harnessed and automatically directed to where you need it.

The Eddi controller operates using varisine™ technology. This tech allows the system to smoothly adjust only the voltage to alter the power to your water heater. It is by far the most advanced technology in its field which is available to Irish homeowners who wish to have maximum control of their free electricity. The Eddi is fully compatible with our products.




Use All Of your free electricity

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