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Going Green In Business Is Easy!

Commercial solar panels will save you money. Choosing a commercial solar energy system for your business or farm is an environmentally sound decision. It is also making a powerful statement regarding your commitment to the environment to customers and the wider community.

Commercial solar panels
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Your Business Will Benefit From A Commercial Solar Panels Installation.


The positives from installing commercial solar energy panels will be almost immediately realised.

Overheads will be reduced along with dependency on fossil fuels. You will improve your energy rating while also reducing your carbon footprint.

Your business or farm building, irrespective of size, can benefit form commercial solar investment.

Generally speaking, the roof space on most commercial applications make them ideal fitting surfaces.


Seai Have Assisted Businesses Nationwide With Grants For Commercial Solar Panels.

Your business can cut down on energy expenditure while meeting energy saving targets.

TAMS 2 Assistance is also available for the farming sector.

We Installed The Largest Solarwatt Commercial Solar Energy Storage System In The Country!

Davenham Switchgear Ltd., are currently utilising free energy from our Commercial Solar Panel Installation.

Their Clondalkin premises spans 80,000 square feet and now boasts a powerful Solarwatt glass/glass PV system with the largest Solarwatt MyReserve battery storage installed in Ireland to date. 

While reducing their carbon footprint they are also creating good community and social awareness for their business.


Can I get solar panels for my business?

Yes you can and irrespective of size, your business will definitely benefit from commercial solar panels. Whatever the reasoning behind a move to solar for your business, saving on energy bills, carbon reduction, or tapping into a totally free energy supply, Elite Energies assist you at every step of the way.

How long do commercial solar panels last?

Different manufacturers provide different warranties. Our solar panels are manufactured by Solarwatt who are German makers with an affiliation to the BMW Group. Their solar panels are guaranteed for 30 years with a design life of 60 years! 

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