Ardagh GAA Solar PV Installation
Elite Energies GAA Club Solar Panel Installation
On July 23, 2021

600 Ltrs Of Free Hot Water!

This is more than enough to facilitate several training sessions per day!

As an active part of their key Clubhouse improvements, Ardagh GAA installed Solar PV panels which amply provide free electricity. The Solar panels efficiently generate so much daytime power that the Club can heat sufficiently 600 litres of hot water for the changing rooms completely free!

Solarwatt Glass on Glass PV

Solar Panels Ireland

The completed installation consists of 20 Solarwatt glass on glass solar photovoltaic panels.

Solarwatt are a German company who progressively develop & manufacture their innovative products in Dresden and Hürth. Their chosen name is synonymous with quality since the early 90’s and is recognised around the globe. They design products with an uncompromisingly high standard of consistency and quality, so that they function extremely long and extremely reliably. 

Their longstanding commitment to zero carbon is second to none and this is convincingly shown through their production process and office environments where only green electricity is universally used.

Learn why double sided glass solar panels are so important here.

Fronius Symo 3 Phase Power Inverter

Elite Energies Power Inverter

With power categories ranging from 3.0 to 20.0 kW, the transformer-less Fronius Symo is the three-phase inverter for every system size.

Owing to the SuperFlex Design, the Fronius Symo is the perfect answer to irregularly shaped or different roof orientations.

A WLAN or Ethernet internet connection as standard plus easy integration of third-party components make the Fronius Symo one of the most communicative inverters on the market. Furthermore, the meter interface permits dynamic feed-in management and a clear visualisation of consumption.

Solar iBoost +

pv Panels

This innovative product enables the Club to automatically consume excess energy efficiently generated by their solar panels. The Solar iBoost+ is installed next to the hot water tank and receives messages from the Sender.

Once activated it cleverly adjusts and properly governs the levels of energy that flow to the immersion in direct line with export levels as they rise and fall.

The modern system operates efficiently by responding rapidly to the detectable levels of import and export at the property according to the variable parameters of changing weather, energy consumption and generation.

These are constantly changing, and the electronic controller is able to process the information to ensure that only excess power is delivered for water heating when operating in standard automatic operation.

Lots Of Free Hot Water!
Solar Water Heating

The direct result is that the established GAA club now has guaranteed access to hot water in abundance which has been naturally and sustainably produced.

As we have mentioned already, this will amply supply the them with enough hot water to facilitate several training sessions (and more) per day. This, while also reducing energy costs and carbon emissions.

Exciting New Product Alert!

Take a look at the Elite Nulok Power-Roof. It has revolutionised the modern aesthetics of solar panels on our rooftops without compromising on essential quality or guarantees!

Elite Power-Roof Installation
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