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Domestic & Commercial Monitoring

You can easily monitor the operating data of your Solarwatt MyReserve Storage directly from your phone or tablet.

Visualise You Solar Power 

Available in a couple of clicks, the Solarwatt MyReserve App is a really good way to monitor your energy usage. You get to glance into the essential operating data of your Solarwatt MyReserve energy storage. What is available at your fingertips are visual representations of your homes photovoltaic generation and the levels of charge and discharge of the free energy created from your solar panels.

There Are 3 Ways To Track Your Data

  • Via Bluetooth with the MyReserve App
  • Via network integration with the App and the Portal (remote maintenance service possible via SOLARWATT)
  • Via network integration with the Energy Manager from SOLARWATT – monitoring of all energy flows in the household and comprehensive energy management
The Elite Edge Glass ON Foil Solar Panel

MyReserve APP

The MyReserve App can be used within the Bluetooth range of the MyReserve and customers can see:

  • the generation of the PV string connected to MyReserve
  • the charging and discharging power of the MyReserve
  • the SoC (State of Charge)
  • the feed-in power or the supply from the grid

The APP is really very simple to use and is available on Android and IOS



The Elite Edge Glass ON Foil Solar Panel
APP + Portal

The network integration of MyReserve takes place via the Power Data Gateway (PDG). MyReserve Command and PDG are connected via Bluetooth interface. Due to the network integration the MyReserve App is easy to use in your entire network. In addition monitoring data from MyReserve can be viewed via a web interface, the MyReserve Portal.

  • the MyReserve Portal enables:
  • the mobile visualization on the road
  • extended service through remote maintenance for rapid and uncomplicated error analysis through SOLARWATT



The Elite Edge Glass ON Foil Solar Panel
Network Integration

The Solarwatt Energy-Manager allows the MyReserve user to view and evaluate energy flows in the home or business in real time via the Energy-Manager Portal. Electricity input and output data, including the status of charging, are transmitted by MyReserve to the Energy-Manager. What the user gets to visualize is not only a single days data but also the data held over previous days while also being informed of:

  • it controls and optimizes internal consumption and intelligently saves on costs.
  • provides information on the systems in the building simply via app.
  • it works in perfect harmony with a wide range of systems thanks to a wide range of interfaces.



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